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Happy xmas!

I hope that you have a fantastic Christmas! I am now off to enjoy my Christmas with my family so I will not be posting again until December 30th.   Sending you lots of love, hugs, kisses and Christmas wishes to you and your families. Happy Christmas x x x

My weekly round up 15/12/13 – 21/12/13

The week that did not go to plan! This week we have been behind on every thing due to Faith feeling unwell last week. I then came down with a bug which lasted for about three days so not the end of the world but it did put me behind on my plans and then on Thursday night faith had an ear-ache which was awful as there really is nothing that I can do to take the pain away and[Read more]

Listography – Top 5 personal achievements of 2013.

This weeks Listography is back with the lovely Kate and I was a bit unsure as to if I should take part in this one as in all honestly 2013 has not been a particularly great year for myself and my family, but then I thought that I must be able to think of five things that I am proud of although they will not be nearly as exciting as the lists that I have been reading from fellow bloggers that[Read more]

Ozeri bathroom scales review.

One of the things that I always have on my new years resolution list is to loose weight and unfortunately it is never achieved. I have always struggled with my weight but having ME has really made me pile on the pounds as the illness itself made me inactive and the depression that goes hand in hand has made me comfort eat and then the medication that I take has the side effect of rapid weight gain, sometimes it feels[Read more]

My Christmas day.

How are you planning to spend your Christmas day this year? Do you follow the same routine each year or do your plans vary? I love hearing how others spend their Christmas as it can give me ideas of things that I may not of ever thought of to try and I am also a complete Christmas nut so I never get board talking about Christmas! I thought that I would share with you all how I am planning on[Read more]

Be kind to yourself!

Christmas day is fast approaching and it can be very easy to forget to look after yourself when you are caught up in the hype of Christmas. Try to take a few moments today to be kind to yourself and take some of the pressure off your shoulders, as most of the time, we are the ones that are putting that pressure there in the first place.   There is no such thing as perfect and that is a fact,[Read more]

My weekly round up 8/12/13 – 14/12/13

On Sunday we made Christmas buns and my step dad came to see us from London and stayed for dinner which was lovely as we do not get to see much of him.       Monday was spent Christmas shopping and our activity was making a Christmas bag which was a kit I  had picked up in last years sale for about 50p!     Tuesday we made a snowman model which is another cheap kit that I picked[Read more]

Christmas eve hampers.

I am sure that most of you out there already know what these are, but for any one that has not come across this before I will explain. It is basically a hamper that you make for your children as a gift on Christmas eve to make the day even more special. How you do this is completely up to you and your family. Over the years my hampers have changed quite a lot. When I first started making a[Read more]

Christmas crafting with children.

Christmas is such a great time of year as there are so many opportunities to do things with your family. Crafting at Christmas is so much fun and children are really good at being creative and having a go. Some people find it hard to play with their children when it comes to make believe games as they feel silly, so doing a craft project with your child could be a great way to spend some quality time together as[Read more]