Travel Goals 2020: Dream Love Island Stay

Couple kissing on the beach with the waves overlapping their feet and the sun setting in the background

The lovely people at Clickstay are holding a competition asking bloggers ‘which Clickstay villa they would choose as the official love island villa’. This was difficult for me, as I do not watch love island, but I am guessing that the show is about romance, passion, luxury, and a beautiful location. Therefore, I thought about where I would like to stay with my husband if we wanted to vacation without the kids. My search led me to this amazing Villa[Read more]

How much screen time is too much?

Two young boys sitting on some steps both staring at their mobile phones. Young girl in background also staring at her mobile phone

How much screen time is too much, is something that has been on my mind a lot lately in regards to my daughter and also for myself too! We are now coming up to a year of homeschooling. Over that year Faith has had many more opportunities to spend time on her phone or watch TV than before and it really started to worry me. Then in the lead up to Christmas, an advert came on TV which said ‘if[Read more]

Wedding planning decisions you must make with your partner

Bride and groom kissing on wedding day

When a woman (or man) says, “Yes,” it’s a natural instinct to start Googling all wedding possibilities immediately. Before the lady or gent gets up from their one knee, there are wedding planning websites bookmarked.  Whole Pinterest boards are dedicated to the big day. She’s no longer a girlfriend, she’s a bride to be and everyone is going to know it. But let’s put the brakes on here! This is a wedding between two people, so hold your horses, lady.[Read more]

The Coronation Street Tour: A Review

Lauren standing outside Dev's shop on the Coronation street tour

Last month we were in Manchester and we went on the ‘Coronation street tour’. We also stopped in at Birmingham the next day to visit the worlds biggest primark too. Our experience of the Coronation street tour Having never stepped foot in Manchester before, the directions and parking information given on the website were actually pretty good. We arrived within plenty of time before the tour was due to start. We were given a lanyard and badge to wear and[Read more]

Space homeschool ideas

Planet earth from space

We have been learning about the solar system and all things space related in our home school this month. We have been having a great time as there is so many ways that you can explore this topic. Here are the space homeschool ideas that we came up with.  Please note that this post does contain affiliate links and this means that should you click on the link and then make a purchase I may be compensated at no extra[Read more]

Exploding Kittens: Review

Welcome to this edition of my Board Game Analysis! This time we are looking at Exploding Kittens (affiliate link) which is a card game for 2-5 players aged 7+ What’s in the box The box contains 56 cards and a instructions sheet. Board Game Analysis Objective and game play My son-in-law to be brought this game to one of our game nights and when he read out the rules I thought it sounded really hard and as I am not[Read more]

No such thing as perfect

Today I am starting a little project on Instagram. Once a week, every Monday at around 1 pm I am going to post a statement about an imperfection that I have. One that I am sure that many can relate too, in an effort to try and spread awareness to women. Especially young women who compare themselves to the unrealistic (and mostly fake) ‘perfect’ photos on social media.  I am not anti-internet or social media, I actually love it. Without[Read more]

The world’s biggest primark trip

We recently took a trip to Birmingham to visit the world’s biggest Primark. Now I know that Primark is not for everyone, however when you are on a super low income and love to shop then Primark is a dream come true! Ever since I heard about the store opening in Birmingham with five floors and a Disney cafe I and my oldest daughter knew that we wanted to visit. As we were heading to Manchester to take Lauren on[Read more]

Christmas, trip to Manchester and other news

December seemed to whizz by in a whirlwind of craziness! I was nowhere near as organised as I normally would be so it was quite stressful getting everything done in time for Christmas. I can’t explain how quickly it seemed to speed by, it felt as if one minute we were putting up the Christmas decorations on December 1st and seconds later it was all over and we were packing them away again! Christmas Christmas was not such a jolly[Read more]


Embrace with a red heart outline around the word.

My word for the year 2020 is going to be – Embrace! What is a word for the year? For those that have not heard of this before, this is when you think of a word that will guide you for the whole year. You need to think about where you are right now and where you want to be this time next year. You then choose a word that you think will help you accomplish your goals. When you[Read more]