A month of two halves!

Welcome to the February 2020 news post. It has been a strage month, the first half was busy with a trip to London and Faith’s birthday. The second half has been horrible as we have all been really unwell again! Family We started the month with a lovely meal and games night at our daughters house. Lauren and James have a switch so we played games on there for evening. They have Crash Team Racing which was my favourite game[Read more]

Tips for planning your day

I was kindly gifted some stationary from Collins for this collaborative post. Use code BLOG10 to receive 10% discount on the Collins site.  Why plan your day? When you have no plan in place each day then you are less likely to get things done, as you do not have a clear goal of what needs to be achieved. It is much more easy to get distracted by things which are not important and it is easy to forget things[Read more]

Reducing Plastic waste with Lush

Products for reducing plastic

On February 8th 2020 I attended an evening at the Ipswich Lush store with other bloggers in the local area. It was an extremely fun and useful event and the staff were all lovely. Really helpful and engaging. We were split into three groups and we went to three different stations during the evening.  New products At the first station I learned about the new spring editions to Lush and also got to see the limited edition Mother’s day products[Read more]

Valentine date night inspiration

Man and Woman. Woman holding her hands over mans eyes while kissing his cheek.

Nine Valentine date night ideas for February. February is often the month that people think more about date nights due to it being the month of love, but the weather is not too good in February so it can make it hard to think of things to do. Therefore I thought that I would share nine ideas to give you some Valentine’s inspiration! Attend a cooking class together Joining a cooking class together can be a lot of fun and[Read more]

Chilli beef pancakes

Chilli beef pancakes are a great dinner to have on pancake day. Often people do not think of pancakes as a main meal but with this recipe you can enjoy a great family dinner on pancake day. You could actually have them on any day you like as it is a lovely low cost dinner to have if you are feeding your family on a budget. Ingredients 250g beef mince. Onion – chopped. Pepper (any colour of your choice) – deseeded[Read more]

221B Baker Street: Game Review

221B Baker street board game

Welcome to this edition of the regular blog feature Board Game Analysis. This week we are looking at 221B Baker street (affiliate link) which is based on the popular detective series Sherlock Holmes. This is a board game for 2-6 players aged 10 and up. What’s in the box? Instructions/clues and solutions booklet. 1 die 1 game board 6 game mover pieces 6 Scotland yard key cards 6 skeleton key cards Solution checklist pad 75 different case cards. Game set up[Read more]

Royal Observatory and Planetarium Greenwich

We have been learning about space in our homeschool so we decided to take a trip to the Greenwich Royal Observatory and Planetarium. We were gifted tickets to see a show in the planetarium but all thoughts and opinions are my own. What you need to know The Royal Observatory and Planetarium are in Greenwich, London and are located in the grounds of Greenwich park. The park is beautiful and would be great for picnics in the warmer weather. There[Read more]

UK homeschool: A year on

We have been a UK homeschool for one year! It has now been a full year since we sent in our letter asking for Faith to be taken off the school register as we would be homeschooling. Faith was in year six at primary school and just about to turn 11. She is now a couple of weeks away from turning 12. If at school she would be in year seven which is the first year of high school in[Read more]

Family time, dog walks and other news

Hello and welcome to my January 2020 news. We started the year both ill, but Darren had it worse than me this time which is unusual. He ended up having to take the first week of 2020 off work as he was too unwell to go in. So it was a bit of a grotty start to the year! Embracing I have been embracing the month of January for being my hardest month of the year. My mood always drops[Read more]

Organising Makeup

Organising makeup and beauty products can be tricky as often we have so many of them! I know that I am terrible for buying skin care creams and then only using them once or twice before they get forgotten about and sit gathering dust. I also find it difficult to keep on top of keeping my dressing table clear as I am often in a rush and I tend to grab bits and use them and then just leave them[Read more]