Flash speed mop review

Flash speed mop - boxed

I have been reviewing the Flash speed mop over the last week. I was sent the mop from Savvy Circle for the purpose of viewing it. All thoughts and opinions are my own. None of my floors in the whole of our downstairs have carpet, so I have to sweep and mop rather than hoover all of the time. We have three dogs who run around with mucky paws and my 11-year-old can be just as bad! The mop has[Read more]

Six Questions To Ask A Psychic

Psychic holding a crystal ball

Many of us, at some point, will have considered psychic readings in the hope that we can try to understand what is coming in the future. However, meeting a psychic for the first time can be more than a little overwhelming, and even emotional at times. This can lead to a bit of a mind blank, so we have put together a few questions to help you get the most out of your time. Where should I be focusing my[Read more]

Foxes Farm Corn Maze Review

Man pushing pram through a corn maze

We took a trip to Foxes Farm, Aldham to have a go in their corn maze and see their pumpkin patch. We were gifted the entry to the maze but all thoughts and opinions are my own. This was the first time that we had ever visited Foxes farm but it was easy to find and had loads of parking available. It is £1 to park and you pay when you leave the farm.  We were blessed with beautiful weather[Read more]

57 Premium Advent calendars

Please note – prices were correct at time of publishing. This post contains affiliate links which means that should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission. It will not cost you any extra. I have been looking at the huge range of Premium advent calendars that have been released this year and there are some brilliant ones! There is something for everyone although they can be rather pricey so not so good[Read more]

Make your garden a wildlife wonderland

A garden with a cartoon butterfly and bird to illustrate wildlife

We shouldn’t think of gardens as solely our own outdoor space. As a species, we continue to push the habitat of wildlife further and further back. However, our gardens allow us to give some of that space back, to share it with them and happily create an ecosystem that can support all of us. If you have a garden of your own, here are a few ways to make it a place that you can share with your local wildlife[Read more]

My first blogging conference

The hotel at the blogging conference at sunset with three smaller images; 1 - a large colourful cake, 2- man and woman selfie, image 3 - giant inflatable globe full of flying petals.

Blogging conferences After blogging on and off since 2013 I have seen many blogging conferences come and go (many no longer running) and I would always say I would go to one, but then things would come up or I would wimp out and I never ended up going. BlogOn Toys This year I decided that I would go to BlogOn Toys, as it has been running for many years, and I have only ever heard good things about it.[Read more]

Wildlife Topic: Home School Ideas

wildlife - hedgehog in the center on top of a pile of leaves. Monarch butterfly, squirrel, owl and fox in cartoon form surrounding the hedgehog.

As part of our topic-based home school, we have been doing back garden wildlife-themed study. I thought that I would share the list of items which I brain stormed when I was thinking of this topic, to help inspire you for your own home school. Please note that this post does contain some affiliate links which means that should you click them and make a purchase I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Interactive notebook (lapbook) We[Read more]

A month of ‘first times’!

Hello and welcome to my September news! September has been a busy month for us, so much has been going on.  Back to home school It was back to homeschool for Faith at the beginning of September. We have started the school year with a wildlife topic. Then we are doing our extra sessions for maths and English each week too. Faith has nearly finished our reading book ‘Awful Auntie’ by David Wellinghams which we had just started before the[Read more]

Three Alternatives For When You Can’t Conceive.

Baby boy in his bouncy chair with a smile on his face

Trying to conceive? Deciding to start a family can be one of the happiest, most exciting times in you and your partner’s lives. It’s the start of a long road filled with some hard work, a lot of joy and no shortage of laughter. Which can make it that much more distressing when you find yourselves having trouble conceiving. The first and most important thing to do is not to blame yourselves. There are dozens of reasons that a couple[Read more]

October Idea List

Pad and pen. Chalk board with thought bubble drawn on and a light bulb in the bubble indicating an idea

Welcome to the October Idea List. If you are new to the blog you can read all about the Idea List and the accompanying Facebook group here. I hope you find it useful and if you join in, I would love to hear how you get on. Also, if you follow me on Instagram I add each day’s idea to my story to help people keep track of the list.  Tuesday 1st: Buy all of your occasion cards for the months of October,[Read more]