Aladdin and More: Movie Reviews

film tickets and popcorn

Welcome to my monthly movie feature! I am a big movie fan and I have a monthly cinema card. This means I can visit my local cinema as many times a month as time will allow, so I thought that I would give my thoughts on the films which I have watched each month. However, this is just my opinion! Booksmart This is a comedy about two best friends in their last year of high school. There are underlying themes of friendship,[Read more]

July idea list

Pad and pen. Chalk board with thought bubble drawn on and a light bulb in the bubble indicating an idea

Welcome to the July Idea List. If you are new to the blog you can read all about the Idea List and the accompanying Facebook group here. I hope you find it useful and if you join in, I would love to hear how you get on.   Monday 1st: Purchase all of your needed occasion cards for the month of August. Tuesday 2nd: Organiser and de-clutter one draw in your kitchen Wednesday 3rd: Today is BBQ day! Why not treat yourself to a[Read more]

Under the sea topic ideas

ocean with fish and ray

In our home school, we use topics as the main focus and we have just finished learning about under the sea. Here is a list of ideas to help give you inspiration if you are going to learn about under the sea in your home school too. Activities Cook iced starfish biscuits (Cooking) Make a cardboard fish tank with foil fish (Art) Write an acoustic poem for ‘Under the sea’ (English) Use a tutorial to draw a hermit crab (Art)[Read more]

T is for Trust: Relationship A-Z

The word trust written in the sand.

A relationship without trust is like a car without gas. You can stay in it all you want, but it won’t go anywhere. Trust To me, trust is the most important part of a relationship and if you do not have trust then you do not have a relationship. Trust is linked to so many of the different topics which we have already covered in this series. So, if there is no trust then it is unlikely that there will[Read more]

Why you should encourage your young child to swim

Baby swimming under the water

Learning to swim Every parent wants to help their child with the skills that will take them through life safely and confidently. Being able to swim should definitely be on the list. Having swimming lessons from a young age means that your child should know what to do if they ever find themselves unexpectedly out of their depth in water; it’s also a fun hobby that will help them to learn new skills, make friends and develop stamina. Finally, it[Read more]

Our Pets Topic in Our Home School

A girl holding a tray of homemade dog treats, a clay painted paw print and the same girl holding a dog

Welcome to what we did for our pets topic in our home school. FJ chose three pets to study; dogs, cats and hamsters. We had so much fun but spent more time on dogs than the other two as we are huge dog lovers, so we got a bit carried away! Peanut butter dog treats. Our boys loved these! I just had a look on Pinterest to find some recipes and went with the easiest which we had the ingredients[Read more]

S is for Support: Relationship A-Z

Man and woman embracing outside

A good relationship is when someone accepts your past, supports your present and encourages your future – Unknown Do we need support? Support is something that you should always be able to rely on from your partner. They too should be able to know without a doubt that they have your support too. I have seen a lot of couples who undermine each other rather than offer support and that is so sad. Your partner should be your biggest supporter[Read more]

R is for romance: Relationship A-Z

Pink bouquet of flowers on a table next to a cup of coffee

You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever – Unknown Romance comes in many different forms depending on the individual, so it is not important which way one expresses romance, but it is important that romance exists in the relationship! The beginning of the relationship is often where the most romance occurs, as you both want to impress each other and feelings are running high. As a relationship progresses and time passes by, romance[Read more]

Lucky Fortune Competition (gifted)

A lucky Fortune toy

You may have seen on my Instagram last week that we were kindly gifted some of the new lucky fortune collectibles. These are really cute and I wish that they had made something like this when I was a girl! The most exciting collectibles we had when I was growing up was carebear stickers which you stuck inside a book! Each lucky fortune is shaped like a fortune cookie. You open the ‘cookie’ and inside, you will find a paper[Read more]

Crabbing in Suffolk

Man and his daughter on the beach crabbing and a small image of a crab

Last weekend we went crabbing in Bawdsey which is on the Suffolk coast. We had a great time although we felt a little daunted too. We had never been before so we were not quite sure as to what we were doing. Now that we’ve been, I thought I would share some information about crabbing in case you have never been and wanted to give it a go. What you need You actually need very little to go crabbing. We[Read more]