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Puke! Game Review

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Welcome to another edition of Board Game Analysis, the regular blog feature where we test out games so you know what you are getting when you make a purchase. 

This time we are looking at the card game Puke from Cheatwell games. It is for ages 8+ and 2 or more players. 

Red die with white spots on a grey background

What’s in the box?

The box contains 56 playing cards and one instruction card.

Objective and gameplay 

The object of the game is to be the first player to collect ten cards with food on them. However, it is not as simple as that! On your turn, you turn over a card. If it is a delicious food (red cards) then you decide whether to end your turn and take the card or risk it by turning over another card. You can turn over as many cards as you like but if you turn over a card which would make you ‘puke’ (green cards) then you lose all of the cards from that turn!  

Puke playing cards and game box


This is a good simple game for some family fun. Darren especially liked it as he likes games that do not require too much brainpower! The name ‘puke’ is probably very appealing to young boys too! I am not sure as to why the age level is eight as we felt that seemed a bit too old really. Maybe due to the content of the game? 

We really enjoyed playing and seeing how daring we would be and if it paid off or not! Faith enjoyed it so much, she has asked for it to be included in our next big family game night (When we are post-COVID!) All in all, it was a good bit of fun. Just what we need right now!

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