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PrintKick Review

We were kindly sent a box of goodies from Printkick for an afternoon of fun. Printkick is a family business which started in 2001. They primarily sell ceramics like printed mugs to small businesses around the UK but they have recently expanded their range to include a whole host of items, some of which we are reviewing today.

Printkick has also launched a new eco-friendly products range and has also worked on a campaign with ADHD Foundation for neurodiversity.


So the first item we found was a packet of colour in magnets. FJ really enjoyed colouring these in and they were a fun circus theme which is great for all children. I was thinking that these would be a good addition to a travel bag for children when going on holiday.


They stuck to the fridge well which was good as we have tried colour in magnets before which kept falling off as they were not magnetic enough!


Next, we decided to play with the box of dominoes. I had not seen a box of dominoes in years so I think that I was more excited than FJ! The dominoes are small and come in a wooden box, just like the ones which I had when I was a child. 

We enjoyed a few games of traditional dominoes and then decided to have a go at making a domino trail which we were not very good at as we kept knocking them down! 


The next item we found was this super cute notebook which comes with a pencil which has a little holder to keep it together. This is great for putting in your bag so when you find yourself waiting somewhere and your child is bored you can give them the notepad to write or draw in or to play some games like noughts and crosses to pass the time. The notepad is well made too for the price.


Next was this frisbee which came in this tiny bag. The frisbee is flexible so that you can put it back in the bag however this is not an easy task! 
The great thing about this frisbee is that as it is so lightweight it is really easy to throw and flies really well.  I wish that I had taken a video, but when we threw it in the garden, my naughty dogs got hold of it and had a three-way tug of war before I could rescue it and it ended up in pieces! 

Wooden puzzle 

Finally, we found a wooden puzzle cube which is in different shaped pieces and comes in a drawstring bag. The idea is that you have to fit it back together to form a cube which is actually harder than you might think! This was a fun activity to have a go at, although FJ did get a bit frustrated when she could not work out how to do it!

Adult colouring

Once FJ was in bed I got out the final product, a colouring pad with colouring pencils which I had kept hidden from FJ as if she had seen it she would have wanted it! I had been wanting to do some colouring for mindfulness so I was pleased to receive this so that I could have a go. The book has some lovely pictures to colour in and I found it really relaxing. The pages are perforated so that they are easy to remove once you have coloured them in should you want to remove them.










We had a fun afternoon and I enjoyed my colouring time for mindfulness so thank you very much Printkick.

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    I really like the notebook. Cute idea. #pocolo
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    yes, it's so cute :-)

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