Post-it note holders.

Today we wanted to make something inspired by the colour yellow for my themed family fun linky and our first thought was the sun, quickly followed by post-it notes. With the summer holidays fast approaching I knew that it would soon be time to think of a thank you gift for Faith to give to her teacher so we decided to make a post it note holder for her teacher to put on her fridge.

If you would like to make one with your children, this is what we did.

All you need is some pretty card, some post-it’s (we used mini ones), scissors, double sided tape, stickers and a magnet (we used a roll of magnetic tape, but you could use a normal magnet although you will probably need some strong glue like a glue gun).

You then simply cut the card to the desired size, we used scalloped scissors on our ones. Then stick the magnet on the back.

You can then stick the post-it’s pad onto the front of the card with the double sided tape. We found that our double sided tape wasn’t quite strong enough so you may need to use a hot glue gun like we did in the end!

Then simply decorate with stickers.

We are going to put them into clear cello bags and tie the tops with some curling ribbon to make them look a bit more fancy.

I apologise for the bad photographs in this post but Faith and I got so involved in chatting away while making them I completely forgot to take any photographs and then when I went to write up this post Faith was in bed so I just took a photograph of one of the finished ones on the fridge and could not seem to avoid the shadow!

16 thoughts on “Post-it note holders.

  1. Ooh what a great idea for an end of year gift. I always struggle with gift ideas for teachers and I think its always nice to give something you have made rather than bought :) #PoCoLo

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