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Polar Regions: Homeschool Topic

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Our last topic before summer break is the polar regions. I thought that I would share the ideas which we came up with when I was planning the topic in case you would like to study polar regions too. 

Topic book work

The main areas we are covering are the location of the poles and the conditions of the environment. Looking at different animals that live there and how they have adapted to survive in the cold. I am using resources from my paid for membership to Twinkl for the geography side of the topic but I made some boxes for the different animals which we are studying which I have popped into my freebie library if you would like to download them. 

Example of the download sheets
Free to download!

If you have not been in my freebie library before, you will need a password to get in. Simply sign up for my newsletter and you will be sent the password straight away. You are of course free to unsubscribe at any time. 


  • Use free online tutorials to draw different animals from the polar regions. 
  • Paint a landscape of the artic
  • Games such as the Polar animals diversity deck
  • Make a lifecycle wheel for penguins like this one from ‘the science penguin’.
  • Experiments like this one from ‘I can teach my child’ which explores how animals keep warm in the icy conditions. 
  • Visit a Zoo and spend extra time viewing the polar animals.

Useful books

Tv and film ideas

Frozen planet – Documentary series. Available on BBC iPlayer at time of writing,

Norm of the North: keys to the kingdom – Animated film, certificate PG. Available on Netflix at time of writing. 

Disney Nature: Penguins – Documentary. Available on Disney + at time of writing.

Useful Websites

I hope that you have found these ideas helpful if you are planning a polar regions topic in your home school. Also, if you have any ideas which I have missed then do let me know. I always love to hear from you. 

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