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Tips for planning your day

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Why plan your day?

When you have no plan in place each day then you are less likely to get things done, as you do not have a clear goal of what needs to be achieved. It is much more easy to get distracted by things which are not important and it is easy to forget things which you really wanted to complete. 

Planning your day can also be fun as you will get enormous satisfaction ticking off each of your tasks as you complete them. 

Purple A5 notepad and black crystal ended pen
Collins Legacy A5 - perfect for planning your days

Top Tips for planning your day

  • Make planning your day a habit. Try and keep to the same time each day for planning out your day. I like to do mine the night before so I know what I will be doing ahead of time, but you could build it into your morning routine. For example, if you always have a morning coffee before the kids get up then you could plan your day while having your morning coffee. Adding your planning time to an activity which is already a habit will make it easier for you to remember.

  • Use tools which you love. You only need a pen and a scrap of paper to plan your day, but using items which you love will help you, as you will enjoy using the list pads or diaries so you will look forward to your planning time. 
  • Do not over plan. When you are planning your day it can be easy to get carried away and add everything that you can think of to the list. However, you need to think about how long these tasks will take you. If you add too many items to your list you will be setting yourself up to fail as it would be impossible to complete them all. 
A5 daily planning pad and pink crystal ended pen
These are great for adding structure to your day planning
  •  Keep a list of items which are not time specific to add in to your days when you have less to do and then tick them off once you have accomplished them. 
  • Do not be discouraged if you have a bad day. Sometimes the best of plans can get turned upside down with unexpected events happening such as becoming unwell or a loved one going to the hospital. When these things happen we have to throw the plans to the side and deal with the situation in hand. However, just because those plans didn’t go as you thought it is no reason to give up with your planning. We all have bad days. Just deal with what is happening and then once things settle down, get back to planning your day for maximum productivity. 
  • Build little rewards into your day. I like to plan for little treats like allowing myself 15 minutes on social media once I have completed the first two tasks on my list. If I complete my list for the day then I give myself the time to watch a favourite TV show before dinner. Building in little treats helps to keep you focused and encourages you to get things done. 
Pink notebook with clear pencil case attached to the front
These pads with a clear pocket attached are great for when you are out and about so that you can keep everything together

Please excuse the lighting on the above photograph, I need to brush up on my photography skills!

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    I love making myself a list and ticking everything off if I have a lot to do. It really keeps me organised. Great tips x
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      Thanks hun :-)

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