A girl holding a tray of homemade dog treats, a clay painted paw print and the same girl holding a dog
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Our Pets Topic in Our Home School

Welcome to what we did for our pets topic in our home school.

FJ chose three pets to study; dogs, cats and hamsters. We had so much fun but spent more time on dogs than the other two as we are huge dog lovers, so we got a bit carried away!

Girl holding tray of homemade dog treats for home school pets topic Peanut butter dog treats.

Our boys loved these! I just had a look on Pinterest to find some recipes and went with the easiest which we had the ingredients for. These were super easy to make and FJ decided to try one as they only contain normal human ingredients and she actually really liked them so the dogs had to fight her for them!Girl making dough for homemade dog treatsGirl rolling out the dough for homemade dog treats

Jack cross dog trying a homemade star shaped dog treat

Dog Bandanas.

Girl sewing a dog bandanna


We discovered that I am terrible at sewing! If FJ decides that she wants to learn more about sewing them I am going to have to learn myself as I only really know how to sew on a button! Poor Cody’s bandana was rather long so I also need to improve my measuring skills. The main thing is that FJ enjoyed having a go and even though Cody’s was too long, he actually really enjoyed wearing it and didn’t want me to take it off him.

Girl holding an upright Jack Russel cross who is wearing a light blue dog bandannaCairnapso dog sitting up right wearing a green dog bandanna










Dog paw decorations.

We made our first ever batch of salt dough. I had never heard of this before, but it is so simple to make. We made the dough and got each of our three dogs to push a paw into the dough so that they had left their pawprint in the dough. We then used a cookie cutter to cut around the paws and we made a small hole so that we will be able to string them up later. We then baked the paws on a low heat for an hour to speed up the drying process but they can be left to air dry.

Then we painted them, using a different colour to highlight the pawprints. We used acrylic paint so that they had a lovely shine, but if you use normal paint then you could add a coat of PVA mixed with water to add a shine once the paint has dried. Once all painted and dry we used ribbon to attach to a cardboard tube which we had painted so that it is all together in one decoration. 

Blue tube with three coloured painted paw prints hanging down with ribbon

A salt dough painted hand print


Faith really enjoyed this and made a handprint with the leftover dough so I expect we will be doing other projects with salt dough while she is enjoying it so much.








Dog cupcakes

A cupcake decorated to look like the face of a dog. White icing, large chocolate button for a patch with two blue smarties for eyes, a orange smartie for the nose, red writing icing for a mouth and biscuits for ears

We have made these before but quite a few years ago now, so we decided to have a go at them again. They are very yummy, but quite naughty with all of the decorations to make the dog faces. I always seem to struggle to find the recommended biscuits for the ears, last time we used rich tea fingers and this time we used Viennese fingers.

Girl sitting at a kitchen table decorating cupcakes


Two drawings of a hamster for home school work for a topic on pets

Hamster pictures

FJ loves drawing so I found a guide to drawing a hamster which we both had a go at. 



Shows the hamster acoustic poem


Hamster acoustic poems

I do love acoustic poems as I think that they are fun and good to help with descriptive writing. FJ is not as keen as I am but she doesn’t mind doing the odd one. If she ever gets the bug, I can imagine doing so many as I find them slightly addictive!



Pet studies

Girl sitting on a dark sofa cutting paperDog study – looking at the roles of dogs in society, owner responsibility, diet and facts.






Example of notebook work for a catCat study – looking at types of cat, how they can see in the dark and facts.







Example of notebook work for studying hamsters as part of a home school topic

Hamster study – looking at owner responsibilities, equipment, diet and facts.






Movies and Documentaries

  • The Lion in your living room 
  • Nine lives
  • A dog’s life
  • Bolt

dog running on beach during daytime

So, there you have it. These are the activities which we completed for our home school pets topic. 


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