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Pet dog: mini topic ideas

Here are some ideas for a mini topic on dogs. We are currently learning about pets for our home school, but as there are so many, I asked FJ to pick three to study in more detail and one of the three was dogs.


  • Cook dog themed cakes (Cooking)
  • Make salt dough paw decorations (Art)
  • Make homemade dog treats (Cooking)
  • Sew a dog bandana (Lifeskills)
  • Visit a dog charity rehoming centre, such as the Blue Cross (Social)
  • Learn about the responsibilities of owning a dog (English, Social)
  • Learn about the types of food that dogs must never eat (English)
  • Learn about the different roles/jobs dogs can have (English, Social)
  • Watch documentaries to aid learning 
  • Watch dog-themed movies for fun
  • Write a short story about a dog (English)

For older children, you could explore the laws about owning animals and social issues around puppy farms, mistreatment of animals etc 

In order to make learning more interactive, I like to use templates that FJ can cut out and stick in her workbook. Therefore I have made a template for dogs to help learn about owner responsibility, foods dogs should never eat and the roles of dogs in society. You can download this for free from my freebie library. You will need a password to enter the library which you can receive by signing up to my newsletter, using the sign up on the right sidebar. 

Useful websites

Books and Films

  • Designer dog projects: loads of cool craft projects inside by Isabel Thomas
  • (RSPCA) All about dogs and puppies: fun facts and tips about your pet by Anita Ganeri
  • The truth about dogs: what dogs do when you’re not looking by Mary Colson
  • Movie – Dog days
  • Movie – Benji
  • Movie – Bolt
  • Movie – The shaggy dog
  • Netflix documentary series – Dogs
  • Documentary – A dog’s life

For more home education inspiration, check out my Pinterest board!



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