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Party game ideas for older children

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Birthday party games are always lots of fun, especially when children are young and happy to do anything with the hope of winning a prize! It can get more tricky as kids get older as they begin to worry more about what other people think of them and if things are ‘cool’ or not! However there are still some party games that can get tweens and teens up and having fun. Here are eight party games which guarantee your party is a success and one to be remembered.

How many beans?

This is a simple party game. You just need some ‘beans’, straws and three bowls. For beans we have always used baking beans but you could use buttons, smarties, beads or any other small item which will not fit up the straw holes. Split the children into two teams and then put a timer on for two minutes and the kids take turns taking a bean from the bowl and putting it into their team bowl by only using a straw. They have to suck the straw and move the bean by suction. The team with the most beans at the end gets split into two and so on until you have only two or three players left in, who then go head to head to see who wins! As the team sizes reduce the time reduces two. When it is head to head we normally time 30 seconds.

Pass the parcel – dare edition.

So this is just the same as a normal pass the parcel but instead of sweets in each layer, their are dares. I used to put a sweet in a couple of layers and then the rest would be dare cards which would make the game very funny and it always went down really well.

Kids playing party game pass the parcel
Will it be a dare or a sweet?

Trick or treat game

This is still a firm favourite which we still play at halloween parties even now, adults love it too! This can be adapted for birthday parties though. You make cards which have dares written on them. Put them into a bag. Add a couple of nice cards too. For example, give your dare to another player of choice, you’ve won a small prize or you have won a chocolate. Then take turns picking a card out of the bag – simple but effective!

Pass the balloon

Two teams. Each team lines up and are given a balloon. Players have to pass the balloon down the line by only using their legs and the first team to get the balloon to the end of their line wins. Simple and fun and very funny to watch. There is also a variant of this done with satsummers and player have to use their necks/chins to pass along but this is recommended for older teens who are not shy!

Chocolate dice game

For this party game you need a large bar of chocolate on a plate and then a knife and fork. Depending on difficulty level of the game you may want to add oven gloves to the game too! You also need a die. Players sit in a circle with the chocolate in the middle. Players take turns to roll the die and when someone gets a six they go into the middle and try and eat as many pieces of chocolate as they can while the rest of the players keep rolling the die. Once someone new gets a six they swap with the person in the middle and so on. If using the gloves then they have to put them on first so that takes up some of their time and then makes it more difficult to use the knife and fork. 

Kids playing the chocolate dice game
Quick! Get a six before he eats it all!

Party games on consoles

If you have a wii or switch, there are a lot of party games that you can buy which are for large groups of people so perfect for a party! There are probably similar games for other consoles too, so it is worth having a look. 


You could make up a fun quiz about topics which you know your kids are interested in. For example, if I was doing it for my youngest daughter then it would be an anime quiz as I know that she loves anime as do all of her friends. However, if I was doing it for my oldest daughter then a disney quiz would be more appropriate as she is Disney obsessed! You can search online for inspiration for your quiz based on your chosen topic. 

Dare pong

This is adapted from the adult game of beer pong. You set it up as you would for beer pong but under each cup is a number.  You then make numbered cards. The cards can be along the same lines as the ones mentioned earlier in the trick or treat game. A player has three tries to get a ball in a cup. If they are successful then you look at the number on the bottom of the cup and if it was a three, you then look at card three and see what dare they have to do or if they have won a small treat. 

Five early teens squashed together for a photo at a party
Teens can still have fun at parties at home!

So there you have it, eight party game ideas for older children. I hope that you have found this post useful and if you use any of these ideas then I would love to hear how you got on. As always, I love to hear from you. 

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