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Packing list for a caravan holiday

Often when going on holiday with a family, you end up taking everything but the kitchen sink but yet still manage to forget something important that you needed! In this post I offer a simple packing list that contains everything you could possibly need on a caravan holiday in the UK.

There is also a free printout of the list too so you can use it whenever you are off on your holidays. There may be things on the list that do not apply to you so my advice would be to read the list and cross off anything you don’t want or need to take first. That way you are left with the things that you do need to take and you can then cross them off the list as you pack, ensuring you do not leave anything behind.

Packing list


The UK weather is known for being unpredictable so my best advice is to think layers. That way you can easily adjust to any spontaneous changes in weather by simply adding or removing layers. When it comes to how many outfits to take, you need to be strict with yourself. Are you really going to have the time and energy to change everyone’s outfits for the night time entertainment? 

You may not be needing to worry about baggage allowance when going on a holiday in the UK but you still need to be able to fit your luggage in your car! The younger the child the more outfits they will probably need as babies have a tendency to leak and vomit! 

Aside from outfits, you also need to think about underwear, nightwear and swimwear too. If you plan on swimming every day, consider taking more than one swimming outfit per person if you are able as it is not always easy to dry swimwear for the next day. 


Unlike hotels, there is not normally any complimentary toiletries so you need to bring everything that you would normally use. Caravans only have space for showers so you will not need any bath items. Taking minis will make more space for other items and you can buy empty reusable bottles to fill with your normal products should you wish.


Toilet paper is something that is often forgotten! There are onsite shops but if you have just arrived and are desperate to use the bathroom, you will be thankful that you remembered to pack your toilet roll! Hand soap is another item that can be easily forgotten. Other essential items include things such as prescription medications and basic first aid.

African American father in eyewear with sad kids with curly hair sitting near opened suitcase packing list for holidays
Kids can benefit from a packing list too!


Most caravan holiday companies are good at reminding you to pack washing up liquid and tea towels. They will have plates, cups, cutlery and basic cookware. However, these are only as clean as the family before you who used them. Therefore, you either need to bring your own or one of the first tasks on arrival will be to wash all of the kitchen items that you plan on using during your stay. Trust me, I have been on many a caravan holiday when I have taken a glass or plate out of the cupboard to find it covered in dried food, dirty marks and looking like it had just been dunked in a bowl of plain water and then put back in the cupboard!


Most caravan holidays offer you the option of hiring bed linen for an additional fee. Bed linen is pillow cases, duvet covers, and bottom sheets for the bed. If you bring your own, you know they are clean so if you have the space, I would recommend doing so.

Everything else!

Caravan holidays are self catering, so if you plan on making most of your own food in the caravan you will need groceries. We normally look ahead to see where the nearest supermarkets are to the caravan site and then call in on the way to stock up on needed groceries. You may want to take some things from home such as condiments, snacks or squash.

Any phones, tablets or other tech being taken will all need chargers. You may want to take an extension lead too as sometimes plugs are not always in convenient places. If you may be spending some time in the caravan than things such as books, games and puzzles can be useful to keep people entertained. 

If you are planning on visiting  the beach than things such as balls, bucket and spade and picnic blankets are also very helpful. Also if you are planning on day trips than coolers, backpacks and other picnicware will be good too.  

Full packing list printout

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