Ozeri bathroom scales review.

One of the things that I always have on my new years resolution list is to loose weight and unfortunately it is never achieved. I have always struggled with my weight but having ME has really made me pile on the pounds as the illness itself made me inactive and the depression that goes hand in hand has made me comfort eat and then the medication that I take has the side effect of rapid weight gain, sometimes it feels as if I am fighting a loosing battle. The thing is, although my husband is very understanding and he always tells me that I am beautiful to him, I do not feel beautiful. I also worry about my health as so many illnesses are related to being overweight such as diabetes and heart disease. I have decided that this coming year, 2014, needs to be the year that the weight starts to go down. I do not expect to loose it all in a year as I have a huge amount to loose and that would be unrealistic so if I could get to Christmas 2014 weighing 2 stone less then I do this Christmas then I will be happy that I have made a start and met my goal for the year.
About 6 years ago I threw away my bathroom scales as I felt that seeing my weight going up each month was too depressing, however, I have since discovered that if you do not keep a check on your weight it is very easy to gain a lot of weight without even realising so when I was given the opportunity by Ozeri to review some bathroom scales I was really pleased. Ozeri are a specialty manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for the modern home.
Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scales.      
The first thing that I noticed was how beautiful they are. They are a very stylish black and silver and will go with most bathroom décor. They are a good size and made from impact-resistant tempered glass. The scales take 2 AAA batteries and they are even supplied with the scales. I was looking everywhere for some batteries before I realised this!
You can choose between weighing in pounds or kilos by simply flicking a switch on the bottom of the scales and the only bad point that I could see, is that they do not weigh in stones which I am use to using. I decided to weigh in pounds and then I just used my phone to divide the pounds by 14, giving me my weight in stones. They will weigh up to 440lbs or 200kg and they weigh in 0.2lbs or 0.1kg increments which I think gives you a very accurate reading.
They have a blue backlight LCD screen that displays your weight which I loved, making it very easy to read. I have never seen scales with this feature before and I think that it is very good. There is no on/off switch, you just step onto the scales and they turn on and weigh you so you do not need to tap them first. After you have weighed they turn off automatically after ten seconds of inactivity saving battery life. As with any scales  you need to weigh on a flat surface, but one of the cool features of these scales is that if you move them to a different floor they automatically calibrate so you do not need to do anything yourself.
They are currently available from Amazon and are retailing for less then £20 which I think is very good value for money.
All in all I am very pleased with my new scales and I am now ready to start the new year with the goal of loosing weight at the forefront of my mind.
*I was sent a set of these scales for the purpose of writing this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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