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Our wildlife (nature) study

In September we kicked off our home school with a wildlife study topic. I thought that we would share with you how we got on. 

We had loads of fun learning about wildlife, looking at birds, owls, foxes, badgers, butterflies, hedgehogs, and squirrels. We used notebook templates to help guide our learning which you can grab from my freebie library if you would like. If you have not been in my freebie library before then just sign up for my newsletter. The sign up is in my sidebar.  The password will then be emailed to you. You are of course free to unsubscribe at any time. 

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We made butterfly cookies and bird nests which were very yummy! While learning about birds, we made a birdhouse and a simple bird feeder. Unfortunately for us, we do get many birds in our garden as we have seagulls who scare smaller garden birds away! 

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We experimented with paper tubes to see how strong hollow bones might be as birds have hollow bones. When learning about butterflies Faith did a butterfly string art set. She also painted a butterfly wind chime as well. 

We used an online free tutorial to have a go at drawing a fox. Faith is much better at art than I am but she always likes me to join in too when we do things like this! 

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When studying owls we dissected some barn owl pellets which I purchased online. This was really interesting although Faith was not as keen as me as she thought that it was disgusting to be looking through undigested animal lumps! However, we discovered that the barn owls who produced our pellets had been eating voles. We found lots of bones and even teeth in amongst lots of furs. Even though Faith was not so keen on this activity, it really cemented the learning we had been doing and it is not something that she is likely to forget.

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We went on a nature spotting walk in our park and spotted some squirrels too. 

A squirrel in the park
One of the squirrels that we spotted

Overall, we had a very successful learning experience doing our wildlife study and Faith learned a lot while having lots of fun too! If you try any of the activities in your home school or just for fun, then I would love to hear how you got on. 

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