3 images - 1 = myself and my daughter dressed up for Halloween. 2 = The back of my husband pushing the pram with our grandson inside through a corn maze. 3 = Ed Sheeran puppet
Life update

Turning 39, Halloween and more

Welcome to my October 2019 news! Another busy month with lots going on, here is my news.

Home school

Our home school topic was autumn so we were looking at seasonal changes, why leaves change colour, why the clocks go back and why we celebrate Halloween. As well as what fruit and veg are in season etc. We made a courgette cake and a pumpkin pie which Faith was not keen on but I loved. We also made an apple pie cake which was delicious and cakes for Halloween. Our reading book ‘Awful Auntie’ is now finished and we have now moved on to ‘The girl of the ink and stars’. Faith is not enjoying this one as much as the David Walliams books. It is much darker than the books we normally read but is recommended for her age so I am hoping that I can get her to stick with it as it is good for discussions and tasks which focus on empathy.

We are still doing an extra maths lesson each week using a workbook and a weekly vlogging lesson (as requested by Faith) using some books from our local library. We went to a corn maze as part of our homeschool topic and we also visited the Ed Sheeran: Made in Suffolk exhibition as part of teaching Faith that anything can happen if you are determined and work really hard. 

Faith showing her artwork - A glue resist pumpkin picture
The glue resist pumpkin picture we did in homeschool

My birthday

I turned 39 on October 10th! Only one year away from the big 4 0! Now, that is scary as in my head I am still in my 20’s! I had a lovely day and got some lovely presents. Faith made me a jar of reasons she loves and appreciates me, which meant the absolute world to me! Lauren and James got me a happy planner from their holiday in New York which was an amazing present as I love my happy planners! I got bottles of gin and discovered how lovely blood orange gin is! My dad got me a beautiful necklace and then I got money, smellies, chocolates and flowers. I was very spoiled! We went out to dinner at ‘spoons’ which is a world buffet restaurant and ate far too much food!  

A peek into my week

I have started a new feature called a peek into my week which is where I film our life over a week and then mash the clips together. Filming the week beginning, third Monday of each month and I started this month. I filmed it for IGTV so in upright mode, but I added it to youtube as one big video too. If you are more of a YouTuber then it is here if you would like to check it out. If you prefer Instagram then you can find it on my profile here. On Instagram, it is in five parts as they have a limit of how long a video post can be, which I did not realise when I made this one! 

It would be great if you could have a look and let me know your thoughts as I am not used to doing video content so any feedback would be much appreciated. Please remember to be kind though as this is my first, it is a bit rough around the edges and I am not that confident on the screen. It is very much real life so there are parts when I am very low and talking about mental health and then there are parts where I am very happy like after my Halloween party!

Halloween party

So, this year we had a family Halloween party. I did one many years ago when my older girls were little and they still talk about how much fun it was now, so I thought I should do another so that Faith gets to experience it too. Everyone has to dress up and we play silly games for prizes and of course, there is lots of food too! It was lots of fun and everyone had a really good time. 

Halloween dressed tree
Our Halloween tree!
Table full of food for a Halloween party
Our little tea party


The party was the Saturday before Halloween. So on actual Halloween, we had our usual little tea party and watched a family Halloween film. This year it was ‘monster family’ which was a sky original. It was quite good, Faith enjoyed it. Faith went trick or treating with her friends this year, so it was the first year in 21 years that we did not go out trick or treating! Instead, we got to answer the door to all of the children that came knocking which was fun, seeing them all dressed up. We didn’t do pumpkins this year as I completely forgot to buy any! Big mum fail, Faith was not impressed! All in all, it was a nice Halloween. 

Baby sitting in a pumpkin with a light sign saying 'Keatons 1st Halloween'
My grandson in a pumpkin!

The rest!

Big family games night was at my mum’s flat but hosted by my sister and her partner, Emily and John. They cooked chilli for us which was really nice! It was actually better than mine and I do not easily admit to that! It was a nice evening although I didn’t win any games! My sister did me a birthday cake as well which was really sweet of her and a total surprise. When the lights went off and a cake appeared my first thought was ‘Oh my, who’s birthday have I forgotten?’! 

Weight loss and fitness goals seem to be on permanent hold at the moment! I think it will not be until the new year now that I start focusing on them properly again. I just don’t have the time or drive at the moment. 

A slice of pumpkin pie with a squirt of cream on top
Our pumpkin pie

That is all of my news for this month. If you would like to follow more of what I get up to then please do take a look at my Instagram account. I post on my grid daily and update my stories a few times each day. I hope that you have had a good month too? As always I love to hear from you so please do get in touch.


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