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Our day of shopping in Colchester

Last Saturday Chloe and myself went to Colchester for a day of shopping and some much needed one on one time as Chloe is a middle child that just gets on with things she can be easily forgotten in day to day life when I have a 6 year old that needs lots of attention and a 16 year old that for the last two years has had many problems and needed a lot of time and attention.
She likes to pretend that she is too cool for hanging with mum but deep down I know that she sometimes feels left out so I asked her if she would like to spend the day with me and where she would like to go and she choose to go to Colchester for a day of shopping as she had lot’s of money for her birthday and she had never been to Colchester before.
I was a bit nervous about going myself as I had only been to Colchester once before and that was about eighteen years ago so my anxiety started to rear its head and I was panicking about getting lost but I gave myself a stern talking to and kept Chloe’s excited little face at the front of my mind and managed to keep it under control.
We got to Colchester at about 10.30am after stopping for a McDonald’s breakfast on the way. Just after we arrived the heavens opened up and my goodness did we get wet! Both Chloe and myself had spent a lot of time straightening our hair that morning so we were not impressed as our hair really puffs out when it gets wet! 

Despite getting soaked, we had a lot of fun looking in all the shops and then we went to Costa for some lunch. I had a chicken and bacon toasted sandwich and a slice of cherry tart and Chloe had a chicken salad sandwich and a triple chocolate muffin. I had never eaten in Costa before and although it was a little pricey it was really good quality and very yummy.

After refuelling we were off to look around more shops. We did find the shops quite confusing as the shops seemed to be all over the place rather then like our home town where we have one main high street which is easy to navigate but then I suppose it is just what you get use to and if we lived there it wouldn’t of seemed so confusing. I was also disappointed with the New Look shop as it didn’t stock any plus sized clothing and Chloe was disappointed with the CEX store as it was tiny in comparison to the one we have in our town. We were also both disappointed that there was no Primark as that is one of our favourite stores.
Although we were disappointed with some of the shops we still had a great day together and that is the main thing. We stopped to pick up a KFC on the way home for all of the family so we had a very naughty day when it comes to food but then we did so much walking we must of burned a lot of those naughty calories off!  

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  1. says:
    Sounds like a good day out (but then I would say that as a massive Costa fan!) I like Colchester, though the ancient layout of the streets frustrates me. Thanks for linking up. #FamilyFriday
  2. says:
    Sounds like you had a lovely day :) #familyfriday
  3. says:
    Yeah it was good but your right about the layout, really annoying! :-)
  4. says:
    Yeah we did, thank you :-)
  5. says:
    Should have added #FamilyFriday !!
  6. says:
    I was born in Colchester and returned to live there for 8 yrs until moving to Ipswich more recently. I much prefer Colchester shopping to Ipswich having grown up with Williams and Griffin! Ipswich Primark is horrendous - don't wish that on Colchester!
  7. Anonymous says:
    Sounds like you both had a great time! It's so easy to forget the quiet one who just get on with life regardless, good on you for doing this for her! Eating naughty occasionally isn't a problem at all and like you said, all the walking will have cancelled out some of the calories at least :) #FamilyFriday
  8. says:
    Nice to 'meet' another Ipswich blogger :-)
  9. says:
    Thanks hun :-)

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