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Organising Makeup

Organising makeup and beauty products can be tricky as often we have so many of them! I know that I am terrible for buying skin care creams and then only using them once or twice before they get forgotten about and sit gathering dust. 

I also find it difficult to keep on top of keeping my dressing table clear as I am often in a rush and I tend to grab bits and use them and then just leave them on the desk and before I know it I end up with this!

Desk full of makeup and beauty products
Embarrassing real life mess that I made!

Getting organised

I knew that I needed to come up with a better system so I thought that I would share with you what I used and how I did it.  Please excuse the state of the dressing table. I got it a few years ago with the intention of upcycling it and then forgot about it! I moved my old dressing table (which was actually a desk) to my office and then remembered that I had a dressing table in the loft but forgot about the state it was in!  That will be a project for another day!

Step 1

So, the first thing that I needed to do was clear the dressing table and clean it. I put all of my make-up and beauty products in one big pile on my bed. 

Large pile of makeup products overing a king size bed!
So much to organise!

Step 2

I then decided what I was keeping and what was going to be given to charity or recycled.  If you have not sorted through your products for a long time then it is worth checking to see if the item has a ‘use by’ date, especially with skin care items as you would not want to make yourself ill or covered in rashes. 

Step 3

I grouped together the remaining items so that I could see how much of each product I had. That way I could decide on how I was going to store them. Being on a very low income, I could not afford to go out and buy all new storage but I had been collecting a few cheap bits over the last year so I decided to use those and then make use of other items such as empty boxes. 

What I used

I decided to go for a clear theme with the bits that I brought as it is useful to be able to see inside without having to empty out the contents. 

I used empty boxes to store some of my things but also to section off my drawers so that everything has a place where it belongs. 

Step 4

Now perhaps the hardest part if you are not great at making decisions is finding a home for each item that you use. Make sure that the things that you use daily are close to hand and then things that are not used very often can be stored in the bottom drawer which is harder to get to. 

If you know where everything is and everything has a place it will save you so much time when you are getting ready and it should be much easier to keep clean and tidy too. 


I managed to condense it all down really well and I am very pleased. Just a few items to go onto a shelf once it is on the wall and the rest fitted into the space that I had. 

I have my clear drawer divider on the top of my cabinet as it was too big for the drawer! 

I am not going to lie and say that it was easy. It is always difficult when you have a big job to do but it was well worth the effort as I am really pleased with the results. 

Now I just need to finally upcycle that dressing table or get a new one and it will be lovely. 

A tidy makeup desk

If you enjoyed this post then I would love to hear from you in the comments or on social media. Do you have any tips which could help people organise their makeup?

If you would like to see a more detailed video of what I did then I have a new YouTube channel

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  1. says:
    I'm always surprised by how old some of the bits are when I clean out my beauty products, I hate to throw things away, but tend to just use a few products over and over again so I don't know why I keep the rest!
    1. says:
      I'm like that with my make-up! I use the same eyeshadow every day but still keep all of the other pallets (just in case I fancy a change!). Thank you for commenting.

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