Life update

Lockdown life, too much TV and home schooling.

Welcome to the November 2020 news post! A month mostly spent in lockdown! Funny to think that the term lockdown now seems so normal but this time last year if someone had said to me that they were in lockdown I would not have known what they were talking about!  So as you can imagine there has not been a huge amount happening here!

What I’ve been watching

I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!

We have never missed a season of I’m a celebrity which is in its 20th year! Of course, this year it has been different with it being in a castle in Wales. I heard quite a few people moaning about it not being as good as when in the jungle but I have enjoyed it just as much as I normally do. Sometimes, it is nice to change things up a bit!

I also think that the group of celebrities this year are the best that have ever been in there as there has been no nastiness at all, which is so refreshing to watch. I like all of them but I think my favourites are probably, Mo, Vernon, Victoria and Shane. 


This is an old show that did five seasons. I found it on Netflix but I think it was originally shown on Channel 4. It is an 18 so not suitable family viewing as there are some very rude sexual parts but it is very funny. It is based on some young adults who are doing community service getting struck by lightning in a strange storm which results in them having powers.

The first episode was not that great but I always watch at least three episodes of any new show, in case it takes a while to get going. By the end of episode two, both me and Darren were hooked! Being a UK series there are only six episodes in season one, seven in season two and then eight in the remaining three seasons. We are already on season three! 

RuPaul’s drag race

I have now watched every episode of the US series! I have also watched a couple of ‘All-stars’ seasons too and a holiday special which was very bizarre! Absolutely love watching it as it is so uplifting to see the transformations. I started watching from season three in the March lockdown and as most of the year has been stay home if you can, I have managed to consume a huge amount of TV! 

Prodigal son

I have spoken about this a few times. It is a fantastic show which is on once a week so I can not binge-watch this one! It must be getting towards the end of the season now which makes me sad as it is such a good show. I hope that more seasons are planned. 

Homeschool update

We did ‘witchcraft through the ages‘ topic in October and we are now doing a Minecraft topic. This will be the last topic of the term before Christmas break. We will finish a little earlier than the schools normally do but Faith deserves the break as she has worked really well. Working one on one with Faith, we fly through work which at school would take much longer to learn and complete. 

Minecraft home school record sheet
The record sheets we have been using in our home school for our Minecraft topic

Lockdown life

That is it really! Being in lockdown again has meant that we have not been anywhere exciting or had any of our big family game nights which we used to have. We have been for a couple of Sunday dog walks in our local park and that is as far as we have gone. My shopping is always delivered as I am a Tesco delivery saver customer. I homeschool Faith, work on my blog, and watch TV! 

I try and stay as positive as possible and I know that I very lucky compared to some people who have really been hit hard during this pandemic. That being said, how long this has been going on is starting to have a negative effect on my mental health which is difficult.

One of the strategies that I have developed over the years to help with my mental health is to plan things. Plan routines and plan things to look forward to. It is really hard to do that at the moment as we do not know when things will go back to ‘normal’. Darker evenings and colder weather always has an impact too. 

If you are reading this and you have been struggling too then know that it is not just you. It is probably more ‘normal’ to struggle at times like these than to not! 

Here’s to hoping that my December news is a bit more happier and interesting than this month!

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