November idea list

Welcome to the November Idea List. If you are new to the blog you can read all about the Idea List and the accompanying Facebook group here. I hope you find it useful and if you join in, I would love to hear how you get on. Also, if you follow me on Instagram I add each day’s idea to my story to help people keep track of the list.

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Friday 1st: Buy occasion cards needed for December (and this month too if you haven’t already!) 

Saturday 2nd: Clean an inside window and sill of your choice

Sunday 3rd: Cook a dinner which you can double up ingredients for so that you can freeze one for a night where you are too busy to cook.

Monday 4th: If you have kids, get them to declutter their toys ready for Christmas

Tuesday 5th: Enjoy bonfire night but remember to be mindful of neighbourhood pets. 

Wednesday 6th: Shine up all of your sinks and taps

Thursday 7th: Wash your hard floors

Friday 8th: Organise and tidy your loft

Saturday 9th: Take a look at your Christmas decorations to see what you have and what is needed for this year

Sunday 10th: Educate younger people why we pay our respects tomorrow – Remembrance day

Monday 11th: Today is Origami day! Why not have a go at making something?

Tuesday 12th: Wash down both sides of two inside doors of your choice

Wednesday 13th: Today is World Kindness Day – why not do something nice for someone?

Thursday 14th: Wash out your wheelie bins and freshen them up

Friday 15th: Organise all of your stationery supplies

Saturday 16th: Tidy and organise your beauty products

Sunday 17th: Today is homemade bread day – why not make some bread?

Monday 18th: Clean and tidy the inside of your fridge

Tuesday 19th: Declutter your email inbox

Wednesday 20th: Organise your pots, pans and bakeware

Thursday 21st: Clean and organise a kitchen cupboard of choice

Friday 22nd: Organise your cleaning supplies

Saturday 23rd: Hoover your stairs and landings

Sunday 24th: Wash down your bannisters (handrails on stairs)

Monday 25th: Organise your glassware

Tuesday 26th: Polish all of the mirrors in your home today

Wednesday 27th: Clean out your handbags and purses (purses and wallets) today.

Thursday 28th: Dust all of your pictures and ornaments

Friday 29th: Wash down your front door and give the entrance area a tidy

Saturday 30th: Clean all of your bins in your home

I hope you have a fantastic, fun and organised November and I would love to hear your thoughts and how you get on!

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