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Non-alcoholic cocktails

These are such good fun to make for a child’s birthday party as they make them feel very grown up, but they are also good for any occasion for drivers or non drinkers such as Christmas parties and what not.

I got some lovely plastic cocktail glasses from pound land which were great value as you got 8 in a pack. They also had a pack of cocktail umbrellas in there too which I also used.

I coloured some sugar to put around the edge of the glasses and this was really easy. You just need to put some granulated sugar into a bowl and then add your desired colour in food colour a drop at a time. After one drop mix it up and keep mixing for quite a while and you will see that the sugar will gradually take on the colour. Then add another drop and mix again until you are happy with the colouring. You can then keep the sugar in an air tight container for up to two days in the fridge if you want to make it ahead of time.

You then simply wipe some water or lemon juice around the edge of the glasses and then dip the rims into the coloured sugar. I did find that this works much better on proper glasses as when using the plastic ones it didn’t seem to stick very well but at a children’s party they don’t really care!

I made two different cocktails.

One part apple juice and one part lemonade. I then stuck a red grape onto the cocktail umbrellas and they were done.

Tropical bomb.
One part strawberry, grape and kiwi juice (or similar) and one part vimto. I then stuck a chunk of pineapple onto the end of a cocktail umbrella and again they were done.

So there you have it, two super easy to make non-alcoholic cocktails that were loved by everyone and that look great.

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