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No wedding, a 21st birthday and other news

Well, May has been a strange month. My oldest daughter was supposed to get married on May 9th, but of course with Covid-19 it was all cancelled. It was such a shame as we were all so looking forward to it and I think what makes it worse is the fact that they can not yet plan a new date as we do not know when it will be safe to do so. On the plus side, they did not lose very much money as all companies refunded so it was just money spent on items with dates and invitations etc. With all that is going on in the world, I know that it is a small thing really, but I did feel for them both on the day that should of been the happiest day of their lives so far.

Chloe’s 21st

At the end of May it was Chloe’s 21st birthday. Again with the pandemic and lockdown, it was not as we thought it would be but Chloe still had a great day and said that the only thing she felt she missed out on was going clubbing with her friends. 

Chloe holding a 2 and 1 silver helium balloons.
Beautful Chloe

Lockdown life

Another whole month in lockdown. I have not seen my mum or sister since our February big family game night and I have not seen my dad since mid March. I’ve seen my brother and his partner through the window as he dropped off some stuff in our garden a couple of weeks ago. It is all very strange. 


We have continued our family zoom quizzes although the last couple we have switched to using Whatsapp as there are no time limits on there. I love a good quiz but once this is all over, I think I will be having a break from quizes! We have done 16 so far and that is not including the quizzes organised by a local pub which we have been doing. 

The family from Friday night dinner with our heads photoshopped on top
I made this for a picture round in the family quiz!


I am still playing bingo coursey of 34sp with fellow bloggers. I have played every game since it started and not won a thing! However, in all seriousness, I am so thankful that I get to join in as it breaks up the week and offers some light relief. 


In homeschool we finished our African animals topic and have now moved on to a new topic of the human body. We are primarily focusing on the heart, lungs, skeleton, digestive system and the brain. We continued making use of the free Diversity online dance classes and we have continued listening to an audiobook for an hour a week while colouring in which has been really nice. 

Half term

In our half term, Faith asked if we could do some Japanese cooking. She picked two main meals and a desert for us to make. We made Chicken Katsu Don which was really nice and enjoyed by all of us. We also made onigiri (Japanese rice balls) and served with pork and ramen noodles. Faith really liked the onigiri but myself and Darren were not so keen on these. We also attempted to make Japanese pancakes. I say attempted as they were a bit of a disaster although the ones we managed to salvage did taste quite nice. Faith is keen for us to try and make them again. 

A Japanese pancake
Japanese pancake!
Bowl of chicken katsu don with chopsticks
Chicken Katsu Don

What I’ve been watching

Control Z

This month I have watched the whole season of Control Z on Netflix. This is a Mexican teen drama which has been dubbed but you can hardly tell. It is rated a 15. It is really good and definitely worth a watch. If you are a fan of Pretty little liars you will love this. It is very similar with secrets and lies and trying to work out who is sending messages to people and letting secrets out. I really hope that they make another season. 

Fighting with my family

I also watched the 2019 film ‘Fighting with my family’ which is also available on Netflix. It is rated a 12 and is listed as an inspiring sports comedy drama. It is based on a true story and written and directed by Stephen Merchant. The film focuses on a family who love wrestling and one member of the family who has what it takes to get to the top. It was a very enjoyable film. 


My new favourite show is ‘Snowpiercer’ which is being shown on Netflix with one episode being aired each week. When I found it there were two episodes available so I watched them both, one after the other, and I was hooked. It is rated a 15 and listed as a crime, sci-fi, tv thriller, social issues tv drama!

It is all about the world ending by being frozen and a train being made to sustain the last people left on earth. The plot is very much based on the divide between the rich and the poor with the wealthy buying their tickets and the poor being left to freeze to death. There is so much going on in this show, I would highly recommend you giving it a go. 


Finally, we watched the whole of the second season of Brassic on Sky One. This is a British comedy drama set in Lancashire. It is about a group of friends who get involved in petty crimes to try and survive. The main character has bipolar so mental health is touched upon in this show too. This is one of Darren’s favourites. I think that the second season was much funnier than the first season and at times it had me laughing out loud so much. A good show for when you want a good laugh. 

Other news

I have purchased my ticket for this years Blogon conference. I went last year and it was amazing so I really hope that it can still go ahead. It is not until October so hopefully  by then things will have improved enough to allow conferences.


So, that is all of my news for the month of May. I hope that you had a good month and remember to get in touch as I love to hear from you. 

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