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New resource for mums

I wanted to share with you today a powerful online resource which I have recently found called The inspiring Mummy Club.  

What is it?

This is an online community which teaches mums to take back control to change their lives through tools such as mindfulness, NLP, hypnosis and positivity. Everything comes in bite-sized chunks as they understand how busy mum life can be! 

The doors of membership are only open until Saturday 8th at 6 pm, so if you would like to become a member you need to act fast to secure your place.  There are three different membership levels to choose from, making it more accessible for most people. Being a mum, it can be hard to think of spending money on yourself, especially when money is tight. You have to think about putting yourself first as more often than not, mums are the glue which hold the family together. So if you do not look after yourself then who will look after the rest of the family if you become unwell. Investing in yourself should not be a difficult decision as you are worth it. 

Who is it for?

This is for mums who for whatever reason, feel that they are stuck and would like help to move forward in a direction to help improve their lives. There may be things which you know that you would like to change but feel that you lack the confidence or direction to move forward, or you may be at a place where you no longer even know what you would like to change. This resource can help you with all of that and a lot more! 

I really do believe in these types of techniques, so the fact that they are now being offered to mums in the UK to help and empower them is fantastic. I really do think that it is worth having a look and seeing for yourself what you think.

Please note that this post does include affiliate links which means that if you click on them, it will not cost you any more money, but will help me to keep the blog going.


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