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Thinking of a Natural Home Birth?

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If you’re not planning on having the birth of your child at the hospital, keep reading because you’re in good hands. You may want to have a home birth because you don’t want to take any drugs the hospital will give you. It may be contrary to your religion to have it done with modern medicine or allowing a person who isn’t your husband to touch you in your private spaces. Whatever the reasons are, know that it’s nothing to be ashamed or scared of. There is a wealth of knowledge online for you, that will keep your baby safe and keep you comfortable. Here are a few things you need to know.

Selecting a healthcare provider

You should check what your healthcare provider options are for a natural birth. Speak with your local NHS services to see if they can help you in any way. Even if it’s just some tips, this is helpful advice you won’t want to miss out on. Can you hire a private midwife? There are lots of services in London, namely on Harley Street. They can provide you with a private midwife who travels to your home to help you with the birth. You should also check if you can get any sort of training or practice for a natural birth from a local natural birth healthcare provider, such as Bupa. It’s important to know what your professional medical options are, so you’re ready to have a natural birth at home and know what to expect.

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Find a doula

Since ancient Greek times, a doula has been a birthing mother-to-be’s best help during labour. She’s trained to help you before, during, and after birth. This is someone who you should hire in the final weeks of your pregnancy as she will prepare things for you when you simply can’t move around. She’ll get the birthing pool ready, she’ll make sure there are plenty of towels, sheets and pillows. A doula can also track your contractions to know when the baby is soon to be emerging.

She will also be trained in massage techniques, to make you relaxed. She will rub and massage your shoulders, feet and squeeze your hips to relax the muscles that will be tense when you’re pushing. Many women often strike up a meaningful relationship with their doula, and she can even be hired to make your food when you need it and help you get to the toilet when you can barely walk. 

The equipment

The most important thing is the birth pool hire. You have lots of options but the most popular are birthing pools with electric air pumps, debris nets, thermometers, and groundsheets. You will also want to have some pillows for your back and neck, so you can lean back and push instead of curling up which is what you’ll want to do naturally. You’ll also need anti-allergy towels to wrap your baby in when he or she is born. 

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Natural birth is a beautiful experience but it does carry some risks with it. That’s why you should do your research and contact your local healthcare providers to see if they can help you with anything.

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