My weekly update 20/01/14 – 25/01/14

I have had a really good week this week. I have finally given up the cigarettes and although it has only been 6 days, I feel really positive and as if this time it will be the time that I succeed. I haven’t been up to that much as the first few days are always the hardest so I decided to have a laid back week and I also needed a rest after all the birthday celebrations from last week.

On Wednesday evening it was Lauren’s last ever parents evening at school and I was ever so proud as she is doing so well. She has really knuckled down since being at high school and she has never had one single detention or behaviour mark which is quite an achievement in itself. All the teachers had lovely things to say about her and it really warms my heart to think of the great future that she has ahead of her.

Lauren and Chloe both had friends sleeping over on Friday evening which kept them entertained and it was also lovely for Faith as well as she loves seeing the older girls and trying to join in with them.

Faith also lost her first tooth this week as well! She was so brave with it and it was so lovely when she awoke the next morning to find that the tooth fairy had been. Chloe did want to know why the money left was more then when she was small which led to a great conversation about the price of teeth and inflation lol!

All in all it has been a lovely positive week and I am full of anticipation as to what next week will bring.

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