My weekly round up 8/12/13 – 14/12/13

On Sunday we made Christmas buns and my step dad came to see us from London and stayed for dinner which was lovely as we do not get to see much of him.
Monday was spent Christmas shopping and our activity was making a Christmas bag which was a kit I  had picked up in last years sale for about 50p!
Tuesday we made a snowman model which is another cheap kit that I picked up from a pound shop and on Wednesday we watched a Christmas movie called ‘Santa buddies’ which is a great Disney film for young and old!
On Thursday the older two girls and myself went late night shopping which was lovely and unfortunately we didn’t get to do an activity with Faith as Faith was home from school unwell. She had a terrible cough and was awake most of the night before so school just wasn’t an option.
On Friday Faith was still home but feeling a little better so we made some Christmas tree cakes and even Lauren my oldest joined in which was nice.


Saturday was more shopping in town and we took Faith to see Santa as the Christmas activity. I also gave Faith some money to do her own Christmas shopping for the first time which will be interesting to see what she has brought us all on Christmas day.

I’ve finally finished all my Christmas shopping so now I just need to finish my wrapping and do the big food and drink shopping and I will be all done.


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