My weekly round up 7/713 – 13/7/13

I thought that each week I would write a post filling you in on what myself and my family have been up to for those that are interested.
The high lights of the week are; reports for LJ and CJ, our trip to the seaside and winning a competition.
I got LJ’s and CJ’s end of year reports this week and I was very proud. They are both doing amazing well at school and they are both in all the top sets so I am a very proud mum. FJ had her end of year report a few weeks ago as well and I was also super impressed and proud of her. FJ finds reading and writing quite hard as she has had a problem with her speech but she has such enthusiasm to learn and improve that she has come on leaps and bounds since starting school so I am really proud of her.
Friday we went to Felixstowe after school which I blogged about yesterday, so I won’t go into too much detail now, but it was a really lovely afternoon/evening and was enjoyed by all.
On Wednesday I received a letter telling me that I have won a competition that I entered to win an apple ipad so I am really pleased about that. I first started entering competitions a few years ago when I first got ill with ME as it is something that I can do without using much energy and concentration and I won a few little things but as I started to get better, I got busier and then stopped it all together. About five weeks ago I decided to start entering competitions again as I do enjoy doing it as a hobby as it can be fun to dream of what it would be like to win each prize and so far I have won a pair of ear-rings, a tube of face cream, a maple syrup cook book and now an apple ipad so not bad for only five weeks of effort! I can’t wait for it to arrive and I’ve been told that it should arrive sometime in the early part of next week so it will be very exciting when it arrives as I have been wanting an ipad for a while but we just didn’t have the finances to get one, so winning one is perfect!
In other news, I am a little bit panicked as I didn’t realise how close we are to the summer holidays so I have a lot of planning to get done. I always like to be well prepared for the summer holidays as there is nothing worse than a bored child as, in my experience, they always get up to mischief when they have nothing to do. That’s not to say that they will be constantly doing things with me as of course they do need some time to play with their friends and also some time to learn how to occupy themselves so I always plan in time for that and it is also nice as it gives me some time to catch up on housework (which always gets waylaid in the school holidays) and also some time to relax as well!

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