My weekly round up 24/11/13 – 30/11/13

This week has been much better than last week for me as I started the week by going Christmas shopping with my hubby which was lots of fun and left me in such a festive mood. I do love shopping and I know that many people get stressed trying to shop at Christmas with the crowds of people and the pressure to buy the right gift, but for me, it is always fun and I also enjoyed the fact that I was doing it with my hubby as we haven’t spent much time together lately so it was just what I needed to give me that lift to start the week on a positive note.
On Wednesday evening we were invited to LJ’s high school for a presentation evening as LJ had won an award for excellent effort and behaviour in ICT. I was very proud as she has won an award every single year that she has been at the school and most children do not even win one. She had to go up on stage to accept the award which was a certificate and a £10 book shop voucher. The head teacher shook her hand and photographs were taken. It is nice to know that she is so well respected at school. She has always been such a lover of high school and I think she is really sad that she is now in her last school year.
I am very excited that we will be in December tomorrow and I always put up the Christmas decorations on the first Sunday of December which is the 1st this year so I have spent the rest of the week in my attic sorting through all the decorations so that I am ready to get them all up tomorrow. I am such a kid when it comes to Christmas decorations so add me to an extremely hyper five year old and Sunday should be very interesting!

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