My weekly round up 21/07/13 – 27/07/13

The early part of this week was spent on preparing for the summer holidays. Now that we are in the summer holidays I thought that I would write a day by day account with a few photos to give you a clear idea of how we spend our summer holidays.
Day one – Wednesday 24th July.
Today we spent the morning cooking chocolate crispy cakes and chocolate pancakes. The crispy cakes are from a recipe that I have had for a good ten years now and the pancakes were a ready-made ‘Peppa pig’ mix that I had brought.
It was great fun and after our lunch, we enjoyed the pancakes with some chocolate ice cream and then we saved the crispy cakes for our dessert after our dinner that night. 
We spent the afternoon potato printing and using a foil art set that had been a present earlier in the year.
After our creative day of cooking and crafts, the children had some time to play in the garden and see their friends.
Day two – Thursday 25th July.
Today we spent the morning playing board games. We played the Disney princess magic wand game which is a firm favourite for FJ and our Tetris board game which is a favourite game of the older two girls.
After lunch, we took FJ to Wacky warehouse for a play as we have brought their summer saver offer which entitles unlimited play in July and August for just £10 which I think is fantastic value so needless to say, we will be visiting wacky every week!
Day three – Friday 26th July.
Today was an organising and helping day. I always plan in at least two of these days every summer holiday as I think that it doesn’t hurt for the children to spend a few days helping to organise things and have a good clear out. Today we went through all of the children’s clothes as that was long overdue and we also had a good clear out and tidy up in our coat and shoe cupboard under the stairs. The children were very good helping so after we had finished we went to visit my sister which is a nice treat for the children as we do not often get to visit her and then when we got home they had some garden play while I cooked the dinner.
Day four – Saturday 27th July.

Today we had a family old fashioned sports day which is a brilliant way to have some low-cost fun outside in the lovely weather we have been having. We split into two teams of two (one adult with one child) as my oldest was out with her friends and then we drew up a list of games such as the sack race and the egg and spoon race and then we completed in our teams to win a small prize which was a chocolate bar. After the sports day, we had a BBQ and it was a lovely day.


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