My weekly round up 18/11/13 – 23/11/13

This week has been exciting in some respects due to me re-starting this blog, it is something that I love to do and I can see that I am getting page views so I know that someone out there must be reading my ramblings! If you like my blog I would love to hear from you so please do not be shy!
On the flip side, I have had quite a hard week when it comes to family life as my little one FJ has been extremely hard work and I am trying so hard to keep calm and work out why she is acting out so much. I know that at school she has been having quite a tough time as she started year one in September and the school have not been able to keep a teacher for her class so every day a different supply teacher is there and I think that has to be hard on any aged child but even worse for a five year old that is only now learning what school is all about. I have been assured that the problem has finally been sorted and the teacher that will be there on Monday morning will be the teacher that they will have for the rest of the school year so fingers crossed. I do not know if once the problems at school are settled if FJ’s behaviour will settle too, I can only hope!
I also think that the weather has not helped my mood this week either as it has been so dull and raining for most of the week that it does get me down. It’s a little strange as I am normally much more upbeat at this time of year with Christmas just around the corner but maybe as I am not as prepared this year as I would normally be the stress is getting me down. Never mind, hopefully, my mood will have improved this coming week as I have a lot of plans to get into motion and I like to be busy.

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