My weekly round up 15/12/13 – 21/12/13

The week that did not go to plan! This week we have been behind on every thing due to Faith feeling unwell last week. I then came down with a bug which lasted for about three days so not the end of the world but it did put me behind on my plans and then on Thursday night faith had an ear-ache which was awful as there really is nothing that I can do to take the pain away and personally I think that tooth ache and ear ache are the most painful things, even worse then giving birth so I really felt for her. On Friday morning faith woke feeling fine and wanting to go to school for the last day of term so I thought that it was over but then on Saturday she was in agony again, poor girl. Today (Sunday) as I am writing this she seems to be much better so I am hoping that she will be ok now for Christmas so I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed!
Amongst all the illnesses this week I have still managed to fit in a little festive fun. We have made Christmas cards, written to Santa, written all our Christmas cards, The girls have wrapped their presents and we had a Christmas chocolate hunt which always goes down well.
Faith had her school Christmas play this week as well which was the first one she has been in as last year she was unwell! It was so lovely watching her and when she was singing her songs she kept making sure she could see me and she had the biggest smile on her cute little face. At the end I had to be one of the annoying parents that cheered and whooped but the look of pride on her face made any feelings of embarrassment worth it.

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