My weekly round up 12/01/14 – 19/01/14

On Monday 13th January it was Laurens 16th birthday. We had already gone out for a meal with the family the Saturday before as we were treated by my dad so we had already celebrated. I made Lauren a cake as she does not like shop brought cakes. It was just a sponge cake filled with apricot jam and iced with chocolate fudge icing.

On the Monday I got up early to make pancakes for breakfast and she opened her presents from us before school. I got her a few bits and bobs but her main present was tickets to wicked the musical in London on March 1st. I am going to get the train to London with her and we will do lot’s of shopping and sight seeing and then go to the show that night. She was absolutely thrilled and I think it will be extra special as it will be a whole day and night where it is just Lauren and me which doesn’t happen very often as I have three children and a husband all together at home.

When she came home from school that night we played sing star and also the glee singing game that we have on the Wii that Lauren loves and I cooked chicken goujons and chips (Laurens favourite dinner) for tea.

During the week I was kept busy with preparations for Laurens big sleepover which was on Saturday 18th January. She invited 11 of her friends and one of Chloe’s friends along with my three kids for a total of 15 kids!

I made non-alcoholic cocktails which went down well and we decorated the house. We did a buffet of pizza’s, chicken pieces, vegetable spring rolls, crisps and cakes. I let Faith join in until 9pm when we did the birthday cake which I made.

It was lovely having everyone sing happy birthday, seeing how embarrassed Lauren was and even better when I told her to cut the first slice of cake as it was good luck. She believed me and when she cut the cake a load of sweets came out as I had made her a birthday piñata cake. All of her friends were really impressed and there were lots of oohs and arrrs!

After the cake we left them to it and went to bed with Faith. They were a bit noisy now and then but on the whole they were well behaved and they watched some films and chatted and what not. I had also made some buckets of popcorn cupcakes which they enjoyed munching during the film.

I came down on the Sunday morning to find that a few of Laurens friends had decided to do the washing up for us which was a lovely  surprise! I then got them all making and decorating cupcakes which was probably the most ambitious thing that I have ever done at a party with so many children but it all went down really well and they all really enjoyed themselves.

At 3pm everyone had gone home and all that was left was a lot of tidying up but luckily for me I had made a deal with Darren that if he could stay upstairs for the day while the kids were here, once they had gone home he said that I could relax and he would do all the cleaning.

I can’t believe that my oldest is now 16 years old! It really does only seem like yesterday that she was a little baby of 8lb 4ozs in my arms in hospital. It just goes to show that us as parents really do need to treasure every moment as before we know it our children will be all grown up and ready to start leading their own lives!

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