My weekly round up 1/12/13 – 7/12/13

Wow, can you believe that we are already a week into December? This week has been very busy but very fun too!
On Sunday we put up the Christmas decorations which is one of my favourite activities. Each of the girls has their own little tree to decorate and then we have the big family tree where all the presents go and then we decorate inside and outside the house. Outside we only have some icicles at the moment but I am going to try and get a few more bit’s in the sales after Christmas this year ready for next year as I think we need a bit more out there to make the house look more festive. We also managed to squeeze in a family morning walk as I too am trying to follow the December idealist as I will every month.

On Monday our Christmas activity was making paper chains and on Tuesday our activity after school was making a reindeer lantern which was a set which I got from a pound shop.

Wednesday was my busiest day of the week as I went out for breakfast with hubby and then I had to do some shopping and then it was FJ’s parents evening after school. I was glad to hear that she is really good at school although she can be easily distracted which I knew from things at home but I’m really worried about the class she is in as the teacher who is new said that she use to teach in London and the class she has now is worse! She said that everyday chairs are thrown, children are biting and all sorts so I feel really uncomfortable sending Faith to school now. The problem is that there is only one other school within walking distance and it is full. Once Christmas is over I am definitely going to have to put my thinking cap on to come up with a different solution. After parents evening my mum and my brother came round for a catch up which is always lovely.
Our activity for Wednesday was to make a handy Christmas tree picture which was loads of fun and inspired by the lovely Cass from the one-stop Christmas blog.

Thursdays Christmas countdown activity was cooking chocolate Christmas buns.

Friday we watched ‘Snow 2 brain freeze’ which was a movie on Christmas 24. We watched the first one last year and FJ enjoyed it very much.
We also went to FJ’s school Christmas fair on Friday afternoon. FJ really enjoyed herself and the father Christmas was superb this year, I was very impressed.

On Saturday all three girls were out for the day with their grandma so we didn’t have time to do an activity but 6 out of 7 is not a bad start to the Christmas countdown.

I also found out that for the Christmas play at school this year FJ is going to be a hen! I am not sure how they are managing to have a hen in a Christmas play but I’m sure that she will be a brilliant hen!

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