My week two results.

Well at last I have finished the simple start part of my weight watchers journey and I am very glad to be starting week three on normal pro points.

This week has been much more positive for me which is good as being very down about things is not like me at all. This week I decided to embrace the simple start plan as it was only for a week and like I said last week, it was phase two which meant that I had my 49 pro points to spend during the week which made it much more flexibly and enjoyable to follow.

I use to eat chocolate every day and my absolute favourite type of chocolate is anything made by Cadbury so during week one when I had no points to spend I couldn’t have any chocolate and it was probably the first week in over 15 years that I did not have any chocolate at all. Not being able to have any chocolate felt like torture and it was constantly on my mind. The funny thing is that since going into phase two and being able to have a chocolate bar with my pro points I haven’t wanted one. I genuinely haven’t felt the need for chocolate so I have not brought any and I have now been two whole weeks with out any chocolate at all, a new record for me!

Funny how when we are told that we are not aloud something our brains start to crave it all the more, make’s me think about the children and how they react when we say no to something that they want to do.

Today’s meeting was about the importance of breakfast which has never been a problem for me as I love my breakfast!

The scales were not my friend this week and I must admit I found it hard to hold back the tears when I weighted in. I was feeling really positive knowing that I had completely stuck to the plan so it should be a good result, only to be told that I had actually gained 1.5lbs!!!

It was absolutely soul destroying and I really had no words to explain my shock and upset. I really do not know what went wrong, but I am now on normal pro points so I hope that next week will bring me better results.

The only positive I can possibly think of is at least I am still trying, normally I would have a full scale melt down and consume my weight in chocolate, but this time I am going to take it on the chin and hope that next week the scales actually reflect the hard work that I am putting into the plan!

Starting weight                                       17st 13lbs.
Weight lost or gained.                            + 1.5lbs.
Weight lost all together.                         2lbs.
Current weight.                                      17st 11lbs.

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13 thoughts on “My week two results.

  1. Sorry to hear that you gained, despite you hard work in resisting the chocolate. Do you think that in focusing so hard on avoiding the Cadbury's stuff you may have over compensated with other things? Good luck for the week ahead and fingers crossed for a more positive outcome
  2. So sorry you worked so hard and gained - I remember feeling this way so well and it is really hard to keep going, so WELL DONE on that count. And well done on the chocolate score too. I have started to have a couple of squares of 70% cocoa dark chocolate so I know that it is better for me! x
  3. Well done for taking the gain on the chin - I did simple start and gained too! I'm on propoints now and feeling much better so hope you do too here's to next week where you'll be reporting a loss!


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