My week four results.

This week has been a lovely week once I had recovered from tonsillitis, what with Mothers day. I took Mothers day off as I knew that the kids had planned to get me McDonalds breakfast which is well over half of my daily pro points without the cakes and chocolates and the roast dinner that Darren was planning.
I decided that this would be the week to start exercising although I didn’t decided this until Monday after all the food on the Sunday! I was a little worried as I haven’t done very much at all since being ill with the ME and I know that I am very unfit but I thought I would give it a go, especially now that I have given up the cigarettes for a couple of months, I thought that I may do better then previous attempts.

Anyway, I decided to start by playing some ‘Just dance’ on the Wii as I use to love dancing when I was younger. Before I knew it, 45 minutes had passed and although I was very breathless and sweating buckets, I was ok. I was worried that I might pay for what I had done the next day but to my surprise I was absolutely fine.

When I went to weigh in I knew that it would not be good after all my food on Sunday and only one exercise session so far so when she said that I had gained a pound I was actually relieved that it wasn’t more!

My aims for next week are to;
1) Loose 2lbs.
2) Exercise for a minimum of three 45 minute sessions.

The children will be off school for Easter holidays on Monday so it will be harder to stay on track but I will do my best.

Starting weight                                       17st 13lbs.

Weight lost or gained.                            +1lbs

Weight lost all together.                         6.5lbs

Current weight.                                      17st 6.5lbs.

I am linking this post to the wobbles Wednesday weight loss linky over at AutismMumma.

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  1. says:
    Keep going!!! I am also trying very hard to lose the last few baby pounds - how hard its gonna be with easter - how cruel haha!

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