My top three reasons that getting ones hair cut is not always an enjoyable experience!

Going to the hair dressers is something that many people find to be an enjoyable experience but upon a recent visit I remembered why I very rarely visit a hair dresser. You see my children arranged for me to visit the hair dressers as a mothers day present as I had not had a hair cut for about two years and I wanted something new. 

Here are my top three reasons for why having a hair cut is not always as enjoyable for everyone as people may think!

1) They start by putting a black cloak on you which as I am a large lady always makes me look as if I have no neck. It was horrible, I looked like a mountain of black sand with my white round face sticking out of the top and this does not do much for ones self confidence!

2) They then sit you in front of a giant mirror and then ask you to put your head down so you now have a triple chin as the no neck thing wasn’t bad enough!

3) If you are someone like me that finds small talk with a perfect stranger difficult then what follows is like pulling teeth. They will try and make conversation with you to put you at ease but for me it just makes things worse. I sit there thinking to myself that if I reply with short simple answers I will look really rude but if I start chatting away about my life I will look like I am enjoying that small talk so they will talk to me even more!

So as you can see having a hair cut is not always as enjoyable as people think. Put this with the fact that my hairdresser actually cut her own finger twice when she was cutting my hair I left the hair salon feeling like I was about to have a break down and wondering how long I would be able to go without having my hair cut again.

All moaning aside – here is the results of the experience and although I didn’t enjoy having my hair cut, I am happy with the finished result.

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  1. says:
    I hate having to sit in front of the mirror that long, I get self conscious - if thay makes any sense? Plus I'm so bad at small talk and feel so uncomfortable!
    But you got a great outcome, you're hair looks lovely :)
  2. says:
    it was worth it hun as your hair looks very glam!
    I don't go purely as I cannot justify spending money on my hair- newly self employed poor single parent over here lol
  3. says:
    Thank you Catriona :-) Glad it's not just me that is not keen on hair dressers lol!
  4. says:
    Thank you Claire :-) xx

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