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My stationary obsession

I must admit to you all about my obsession with stationary, I have had it for as long as I can remember and I am sure that there must be others like myself out there. I can’t help it, I just love pens, note books, planners, writing sets, anything to organise myself better and I get really excited when I go to places that sell such items. 

My husband has got to the point that he now understands how much I love stationary but he still thinks that I am mad for getting so excited over a new notepad! The thing is, he get’s really excited about watching sports on telly which I am not interested in at all so I try and explain that I get the same joy that he gets from his sports for stationary. This morning he came back from town with some purple paper trays that I had been wanting and I was so happy, it’s things like this that really make my day bless him!

Anyway, when I heard that Shoplet where looking for stationary reviewers it sounded like my dream review so I got in touch with them straight away. Shoplet is an on-line office stationary supplier that sells everything that you need for your business. I was sent some envelopes and a magazine rack to review.

Blake juice peel and seal envelopes and Touch velvet envelopes. Both packs of envelopes were of high quality and I love the bright colours and funny slogans that are printed on the front of the envelopes. They are really unique and make a great impression on the sender. 

Avery magazine rack. This is great, I really like it. It is made from plastic so is sturdy and will be able to hold many magazines or files without falling over. I like the black design of the holder as it will fit any home or office décor.

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  1. says:
    I love a good bit of stationary, couldn't live without my filofax and all the sticky notes n pens it contains #triedtested
  2. Anonymous says:
    My boys were getting so many sets of colouring pencils, notebooks etc, that I have converted the underbed storage drawer into a stationary storage area. #triedtested
  3. says:
    I've never had a filofax as the ones I've seen in the past always have tiny blocks to write in each day. Thanks for commenting :-)
  4. says:
    Yeah I know what you mean, having three girls that also love their stationary and crafts our house can sometimes look a bit like a shop! Great idea for storing things under the bed. Thanks for commenting :-)
  5. says:
    I love stationary too....hehehe
    I do like that magazine rack x
  6. says:
    Lovely isn't it :-) Thanks for commenting xx

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