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Victoria Plumb and Tots100 are running a blogging challenge for us bloggers to share our shelfie on Twitter and share a blog post with you all about what we have on our shelve.

I have chosen my book shelve in my living room as that is my favourite shelve in my house. It is the only place that everyone in our house knows that they can not leave all their random things on and they can not take anything off the shelve as it is my shelve!

On the top of my shelve I have some of my favourite photographs. From right to left there is a picture of Faith and myself which we took last August during our family sports day that we did (I will be blogging about this soon with the summer holidays fast approaching!). Every year I take a picture of Faith and myself together in the summer and then I replace the picture, keeping the old ones in the back of the frame so that in years to come we can see how we have changed each year. The next photo is Faith’s most recent school photograph, then there is a picture of Chloe which is one of my most favourite pictures of Chloe that I’ve ever taken and finally there is a picture of Lauren, which was taken when she was attending dance classes and this is Lauren in one of her costumes.

The second shelve from right to left has a few books which are about writing and a book about living with ME which I am currently reading. I then have a glitter globe which Faith brought me for Mother’s day which I use as a book stop. Next is a jewelry box, which is made from sea shells, which is not really to my taste but has huge sentimental value to me as it belonged to my Nana who sadly passed away when I was 12 years old and who remains in my thoughts and heart forever. Finally there is a photography of Darren and myself in Spain on a family holiday from 2007 in a frame which Darren brought me for Valentines day.

On the bottom two shelves there are my books. I collect Agatha Christie books and I proudly display my collection which takes up most of my book space. I also have a number of self help books which I always love to read as quite often they all have at least one good piece of advice that will help me improve life or get more organised. Dr Phil is a huge inspiration to me when it comes to being a good parent and I have all of his books as well. Reading is really important to me and although I have a kindle and I read lots on line I still love to have a real book in my hand.

As I mentioned earlier, today’s blog post is for a blogging competition, but you can win too, even if you do not blog as Victoria Plumb are also running a competition on their website where you can win £250 John Lewis vouchers by simply taking part in their fun style quiz. 

For those of you that are unaware of Victoria Plumb, they are a bathroom design specialist which sells direct to you, cutting out the middle man and saving you money. Their website has a whole host of brilliant information including image gallery’s and mood boards to help inspire you, along with DIY guides for more practical help and they sell a huge range of products so they really can help you create the perfect bathroom from start to finish.

I took the quiz myself and my results came back as – Mrs quirky cool which likened me to Jess from New girl. I have never watched the show so I do not know what that means although from the description that the results gave me it did not completely match my home, style or personality, but there were some similarities. It said that I would have a large leather sofa and a large kitchen table. I do have a very large sofa as it is a corner sofa, although it is not leather. The sofa which I had before this one was a cream coloured leather. My kitchen table is also large as it comfortably seats six, although I have squeezed eight around it before for special occasions! I am not so keen on the apparent ‘must have’ vintage gold mirror which is suggested, but I do really like the bathroom with the corner bath. I can see myself now, laying in one of those with loads of bubbles, a glass of wine and a good book!

Why not take the Victoria Plumb quiz yourself to be in with a chance of winning? If you do take the quiz I would love to hear which style you were matched with!

Some of my regular readers may be getting a sense of deja vu as I have discussed this quiz and my results before in a post called ‘What is your home’s style?‘ for a different blogging challenge but I forgot to link up my post so it was never entered! 

This is my entry into the Victoria Plumb/Tots100 challenge, more information about this can be found here.

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    Ahh.. I can see this is a very personal space for you, filled with all the things that mean something to you. Good luck in the competition!
  2. says:
    Thank you Mel :-)

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