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Life update

My September 2018

I know that I must sound like a broken record but September seems to have flown by! This month has been mega busy with everyone back at school, uni and work. The long lazy days of the summer holiday’s seem like a lifetime ago and our holiday in Spain last June is only now a distant memory! I do like the routine and structure that this time of year brings though and the months of October to December are my favourite.  I have my birthday, Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas so lots to look forward to, celebrate and enjoy!

Year six – primary school

Girl in school uniformFJ is now in her final year at primary school which brings with it SAT’s and applications to high schools. FJ seems so much more grown up than my other two girls were at that age. I wonder if it is due to growing up with much older siblings or if it is a sign of the times with technology and things but she is more like ten going on fifteen. I do worry about her so much more than the other two as they were only one school year apart in ages so I knew that they had each other. 

Young girl on first day of school
The first day of last year at primary school!



For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you may be aware of a horrible case of bullying which FJ received not long after returning to school. This broke my heart as regular readers will know that I recently wrote of my own experiences of bullying when at school.

FJ had been complaining that a girl had been being nasty to her but sometimes FJ can be a bit overdramatic so I kind of thought that it was just playground drama. Then one day when she was walking home from school she stopped at a local park to see if anyone had her jacket as she had lost it that day at school. FJ was on the phone to me while walking home from school and she told me that three girls were being really nasty to her, calling her ugly and laughing at her eyebrows and different things. Then another parent came onto the phone to me and told me that she was keeping an eye on what was going on as the three girls were ‘being vile’ to my daughter.

I was so upset, why did those children think that they had the right to be so mean to FJ! I told FJ to come straight home and as she was walking home they followed her. While on the phone I could hear them shouting at her and then one of them punched FJ in the back and another pushed her into the road. FJ ended up hiding in a community garden until they had gone. I was so angry and upset, hearing it all happening but not being able to get there and do anything!

Once she was safely home I went round to the ringleader’s parents house and told her mother what had been going on. That was difficult as I am not a confrontational person by nature and before all of this had happened I had often spoken to the mum and I quite liked her. Luckily, she was really understanding and apologetic. She told me that it would not happen again as she would make sure that it didn’t. 

That night when DJ was walking the dogs he bumped into the other two girls and he asked them why they had been bullying FJ. He said that he would be speaking to their parents if he heard that anything else had happened. He also asked them how they would feel if they were in FJ’s position. They apologised and asked if they could come to the house to apologise to FJ in person. I was so proud of DJ for keeping his cool and speaking to the children in an appropriate manner. 

I am pleased to say that since that night nothing else has happened. FJ is now back to her normal happy self and enjoying school as much as she can as, to be honest, she has never been keen on going to school as she would rather stay home and play games all day! It’s been about three weeks since it all happened so fingers crossed we have nipped it in the bud. 

My final social work placement.

Lady with a bunny snapchat filterI have now returned to uni and I have started my final social work placement. All going well this is my last year until I get to graduate and become a qualified social worker. 

My new classmates all seem really nice and friendly and welcomed me into their year group, which is great. I also found out that I have the personal tutor who I really wanted as she was my dissertation tutor last year and is really supportive. 

My placement is with an adults and community team and so far is going really well, although it is early days. The work is interesting and there seems like there will be lots of opportunities for me to meet the criteria to pass the placement. 

It’s funny as I originally started the degree wanting to be a children’s social worker and I did not want to work with adults. However, all of my work placements have been with adults and I have actually really enjoyed it, so I am now open to working in any area. I think that I am actually leaning more towards working with adults now as that is where my experience lies. 

Our 16th wedding anniversary

Man sitting in resturant with curry on tableOn September 9th DJ and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. We didn’t do gifts this year, we just went for a cheap and cheerful dinner at a local restaurant as finances are difficult at the moment. I do not get any financial help at all, not even a student loan this year so we are having to live off only one wage which is hard. 

We still had a lovely evening and we know that we will have many more anniversaries to come, where we will be able to treat ourselves more. My mum sent us a lovely card and LJ bought us a lovely photobook full of pictures of us which was really sweet. 

Hunters chicken, chips and peas

Other news

We have been on a few trips to the dog park which the boys have really enjoyed. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen some of the great pictures which I have been taking of the boys having loads of fun like this one!

Dog catching ball at park


I am full of cold at the moment which is annoying but not the end of the world. I am grateful to be feeling much better than I did this time last year when I was recovering from three months of whooping cough! 

So, not a bad September! How about you? Have you been up to much lately? What did September bring for you and your family?

Feel free to email me (, I love to hear from you or leave a comment below. 

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