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Halloween, Life update

My October 2018


I have been so busy with my work placement four days a week and then uni once a week. Leaving only evenings and weekends to fit in family activities, seeing friends, hobbies, doing my academic work, self-care, home things and the blog. Sadly my blog is suffering with very minimal posting as I just can not fit everything in. 

I am enjoying my work placement though, which is good. It is reminding me why I decided to study social work in the first place! Fingers crossed things carry on going well for me there! 

My dart team joined in with a singles competition and I was delighted and completely stunned to get to the final. I did not win the final but I still get to go to a ceremony to collect a trophy for coming runner up. I was doing well as I did not realise that I was playing in the semi-finals but after I won that match my team all told me that I was now in the final and my anxiety got the better of me! I am proud though.  

Image may contain: 1 person, babyI have also spent time cuddling a beautiful baby as my neighbour recently gave birth, going to the cinema and of course visiting the dog park.

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FJ meeting Random Encounters

October saw another half-term holiday. Me and DJ managed to split the time off work so that one of us was always home with FJ. DJ got the privilege of taking FJ into London to meet some American youtubers. They were honeymooning and offered a free meet and greet to anyone that could make it.

FJ had an absolute blast and the youtubers did a great job with all of the kids. I was really sad to have missed it, but FJ enjoyed telling me all about it. It was also nice for DJ to have some daddy, daughter time with FJ.


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When I was off work we spent time doing Halloween activities and enjoyed a shopping trip to town and we treated ourselves to a sneaky breakfast treat while we were there. 





LJ has been traveling again! This time LJ and her boyfriend went on an adventure to Paris, Corsica and Brussels. She had a fab time and I loved hearing all about the things that they got up to while they were away. It’s fantastic to see her blooming into womanhood and in love. 

CJ has recently started a new relationship. She is rarely at home at the moment as she is in the early stages where they can not be apart from one another so she spends most of her time with her boyfriend. I am more use to this now after we went through this with LJ last year. It is nice to see CJ happy and I hope that things work out with the new man. I have not met him yet, but he sounds a nice man. 

This month FJ also performed in a store which was celebrating being open for ten years with her performance group which she attends each week. I was one very proud mother when I saw her performing so confidently. She is such a little super star.

My birthday

Photo collarge from my birthdayOctober is also the month of my birthday. I had a lovely time. My dad came down on my birthday night and took us all out for a family meal.


The following day I booked off from work as LJ took me out for the day as her present to me. She took me bowling and then to lunch at a new restaurant in our town. Then we did some shopping before going home. It was lovely and great spending the day with her. Then on the Friday night DJ surprised me with a birthday tea party which contained all of my favourite foods and the family, so I really enjoyed that too. I am very lucky. 

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Three pictures. a homemade cookie which has a chocolate spider on the top. Two Halloween pumpkins. Ghost cupcakes.We had lots of fun for Halloween. We decorated the house and carved pumpkins. We baked ghost cupcakes, spider cookies and banana mummies with chocolate dip. We had a Halloween tea party and then of course on Halloween FJ dressed up for trick or treating.




five pictures. dog wearing a skeleton costume. girl and dog dressed up for halloween. lady with snapchat filter. dog wearing halloween jumper. dog wearing monster costume.Even the dogs joined in and it was lovely to see the joy they were spreading as we were out and about. So many people commented on how sweet they were and we received many smiles and complements.





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