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My new years resolutions.

I have taken my own advice and planned on three new years resolutions for this year. If you didn’t get a chance to read my post on setting new years resolutions you can read it here.
1) To finally give up smoking once and for all.
2) To loose a minimum of three stones this year.
3) To open up my new business.
My plans.
Give up smoking – I have brought in loads of  lozenges to help me through the withdrawals and I have made sure that the first week will be very quiet and relaxed. I have a terrible photo of myself strapped up to a nebuliser in hospital which I will be keeping with me at all times as a visual reminder when I am tempted to buy some. I’ve also written myself a list of ideas of what to do to keep my hands busy during my hardest time of the day which is the evening as I associate relaxing once the kids are in bed with a cigarette.
Loosing three stones – I have planned in some time next week to look into slimming classes and then I can plan in the meetings. I have also written a list of things I may find fun to start exercising and I have planned in three 30 minute sessions a week for the next 6 weeks. I then plan to review things and plan some more.
To open my new business – This is a big task and I will not bore you with all the details but I am making a step by step plan with deadlines to achieve this goal. I will keep everyone updated with my progress as I go along.
Now I realise that these are quite big goals and in all fairness I would be happy if I could get to next year only achieving one of these goals, but I have always been a glass half full type of girl so I’m hoping that I will end this year having achieved all three of my goals!

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