My groovy update 30/01/14 – 05/02/14

My very un-groovy week!

This week I have been ill with a flu bug and I still am! One of the lasting side affects of having ME is a bad immune system so that I catch every bug that’s going and when I do get ill, I get it a lot worse then the average person and it lasts a hell of a lot longer as well.

This bug has been the worst I have had in a long while. I am shattered, bunged up nose/running nose, my chest feels like it is being stabbed every time I breath in, my throat is sore and when ever I swallow I feel like I am swallowing glass. My legs ache, my head aches, my arms ache, and my tummy aches. I am really feeling sorry for myself so my apologies for my moan.

As I have been unwell, not much has been happening and I have not been getting very far with my weekly aims either. Our car has also stopped working, something to do with the key and immobiliser and as I am not a driver I do not really understand what is wrong other then the fact that it will not start and drive us anywhere.

I haven’t seen my mum in weeks so am yet to discuss weight watchers with her and I have been very up and down with the not smoking.

On the plus side I have not been smoking and being ill has probably helped with that as I was in so much pain with my chest when just breathing in normal air I knew that if I tried to breath in a cigarette that pain would double so I am smoke free. Once I have not smoked in six consecutive weeks I will be able to tick that off my 40 by 40 list which will be fantastic.

So last week I wanted to join weight watchers and I did not manage that. I have now pushed that back to the 19th February (I have a voucher to get money off my first months fee’s which runs out on the 20th!). I think that it is more sensible  to push it back a couple of weeks as I have no car to get me there at the moment and I am hoping that it will be fixed by then. It will also give me time to recover from this bug and get in touch with my mum to see if she still wants to come along too. I will have also been for my Valentines meal before starting the diet so I will not have to feel guilty about breaking the diet for that and I will have also hosted Faiths family birthday party by then meaning I can eat what I like without there being any extra pressure of being a weight watcher member.

So hopefully by February 19th all of my obstacles will have been eliminated and I will be ready to start loosing some of these excess pounds!

I am not setting any aims this week as I just want to get myself better as I hate being unwell. I hope that next weeks update is a much more positive groovy post – fingers crossed!

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  1. says:
    I think you are under-estimating your progress as smoking is such an issue for you and you are getting there on giving up. You are human, you are ill and you have a plan even when feeling so rough. That's very groovy! Love watching your journey. Thanks for linking up
  2. says:
    Thanks so much for your kind words Kate :-)
  3. says:
    I do hope you feel better soon bad enough having flu let alone having it wipe you out for longer :( feel for you. I think it's overall a positive post you recognise the need to put you first and recover before getting on :) hope all this is over soon enjoy your meal too :) x
  4. says:
    Thanks Hannah :-) xx

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