My groovy update 27/03/14 – 02/04/14

This week I have been feeling more cheerful although still very ill with what turned out to be tonsillitis. I weighed in on Thursday and I was delighted to have lost 5.5lbs!
I had a lovely Mother’s day, I was really touched by the effort that the children and Darren went to. I awoke to my favourite naughty breakfast – pancakes and syrup from McDonald’s. Lauren gave me a bath bomb from Lush and a box of chocolates, Chloe got me some note pads and pens and then both Lauren and Chloe put their money together to pay for me to get my hair done. Faith with a little help from daddy got me a planner from Paperchase that I really wanted, a glitter globe, chocolates and a scarf. The cards that each child gave me were all beautiful with little messages from each child inside that were so special to me and actually made me cry happy tears. The girls spent the day doing my favourite things with me like playing sing star and board games. Darren cooked me a lovely roast chicken dinner, I didn’t have to lift a finger all day and the day was one that I will remember forever.

On Tuesday Darren came home with a beautiful bunch of flowers for me ‘just because he loves me’, which was lovely of him, although I am a little worried as to why he is being so nice at the moment! In all seriousness, he has been making a real effort this year and I feel like our marriage is back on track and going really well and I remember why I fell in love with him and now feel that love again which is wonderful.

I am now finally feeling better so I am looking forward to the week ahead and also to next week when the children will be home from school on Easter holidays.

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  1. says:
    Such a lovely post Denise. Fab weight loss and you are surrounded by love which is as it should be.
  2. says:
    Thanks Kate :-) I am very lucky to have my family.

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