My groovy update 23/01/14 – 29/01/14

I have decided to merge my groovy updates with my weekly round ups into one post a week as I felt that they go well together and I also felt that I was continuously writing updates as I am planning on starting wobbles Wednesday next week as well.

So from now on I shall use this post to talk about events of the pervious week, how I’m progressing in my plight to get my groove back and any aims that I am setting myself for the week ahead.

So last week I set myself the aim of giving up smoking and I have to confess, this has not been as successful as I had hoped. I went five days without a cigarette and I was feeling very positive about the whole experience which in itself is a first for me, but on the sixth day my darling hubby decided that we should smoke for the weekend as it is much harder with the kids being at home and I very stupidly agreed. I can not tell you how annoyed at myself I am! So we smoked on Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday when it was time to quit again all my positivity had gone and by lunchtime I was smoking a cigarette! This is exactly what has been my life for the last 18 months, I am continuously starting and stopping and it is making my depression very bad as I am so up and down all the time.

I am annoyed with Darren for suggesting we smoke as he has a habit of doing this and yet it is he who has wanted us to quit for years but at the same time I can not give him all of the blame as no one put a gun to my head so I too have to take responsibility for my actions.

It is now Thursday and I have not smoked since Monday so I am now on day three and this time I must do it. I have told Darren that if he loves me as much as he says he does then he can no longer speak to me about cigarettes. I do not want to know if he wants one and I certainly do not want him to make any more suggestions on smoking as it is too hard for me.

As far as my weekly round up goes, I do not have much to say as I only posted my last one on Sunday and the kids have been at school and as I have been trying to quit smoking I haven’t really done anything exciting, it’s just been the normal housework, cooking, blogging and what not.

I did do my nails again as that really does lift my sprits.

My aims for this week are to continue not to smoke and to join weight watchers next Wednesday with my mum.

If I could just get over this whole giving up smoking thing I would have so much more time to spend on other areas of my life to help me get my groove back so watch this space and wish me luck!

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  1. says:
    Ah yes, that is how my husband has always failed on the stopping smoking - having "just the one" or "it's a special occasion" or "only in the pub". I would urge you to use the help available from the NHS - if you google it there is loads of support now and if it there, you may as well access it.
    Get back to Weightwatchers - I struggle with my weight terribly. Lost loads and was very much into healthy eating and then OH got redundancy news so I started comfort eating and am yet to get back properly to good eating.
    As someone who bites her nails so can never put polish on them, I love seeing your pics and hearing how it gives you a lift. Thank you so much for linking up with Groovy Mums
  2. says:
    Thanks Kate :-) I have used help to quit before but it doesn't work for me, the only time I have successfully quit in the past for about four months was with sheer will power so I'm hoping I can do it again now.

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