My groovy update 20/03/14 – 26/03/14

This week has been a hard week as I have been very ill with a flu bug which completely knocked me down and Lauren has had a virus so she has been off school and very unwell bless her!

On Thursday I went to weight watchers and even through I had followed the plan to the letter I still gained weight so I was not best pleased! You can read more about that here.

On Sunday my dad came up from London to see us all and have dinner and I spent the whole time in bed as I was so unwell so I didn’t even get to see him. At least he got to see the kids which was nice.
By Monday my bug had developed into a throat infection which is still causing me a lot of pain now so I am having to take a lot of pain killers just to get through the day.
So I’m afraid that it has not been a very groovy or productive week for us. 
I am linking this post to Kate’s groovy mums.  

2 thoughts on “My groovy update 20/03/14 – 26/03/14

  1. Sometimes being groovy means taking care of yourself and resting when you need to. Get well soon and come back groovier than ever. Thanks so much for linking up

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