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My groovy update 13/02/14 – 19/02/14

Wow what a week I’ve had! This week has been very busy but also packed full of fun so I’m not complaining at all.

On Thursday I was running out to all the shops to buy all the last bits and bobs that I needed for Faiths birthday and I also had to get some house work done and the weeks food shop too as I knew that once the children finished school on Friday I would not be getting much done.

Friday was of course Valentines day and it was a really lovely day. I blogged about what my lovely hubby got me in my post that I wrote for last weeks prompt that you can read here if you haven’t already. We had a lovely day and the girls were all really pleased with their little packets of love and cards too. 

Friday evening we had our first date night of the year and we went out to dinner. I had a starter of leek, potato and bacon soup served with warmed baguette, my main was a burger served in a ciabatta roll and topped with pulled pork with chips and onion rings and for desert we shared a chocolate fondue which was meant for two and had strawberries, profiteroles, shortbread fingers and sticky toffee cake topped with Belgium waffle to dip in the warm chocolate sauce. 
Now normally we would just have two courses and at this particular restaurant we would normally only have one as they have such large portions but this was a set menu so as we had paid for the three courses we were determined to eat them! It was lovely to get out for the night and be child free as it is so rare for us to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children more then anything and I love spending time with them and being together as a family but I have come to realise that it is also important for us to take some time to focus on our marriage, something that we have neglected to do in the past so I really enjoyed the evening and we are going to make sure that at least once a month we go out somewhere child free for a date night and spend time enjoying each other.

On Saturday it was Faith’s family birthday party and I spent the day making her birthday cake, which was another piñata cake, and I also cooked up some simple smartie buns that I know Faith loves. I made a pass the parcel for the family to do and decorated the house. 
Darren was a star and helped with a lot of the food too. Then at 4pm the family arrived for the party. 

We let Faith open her presents from the family even though it was not yet technically her birthday as the family like to see her open them and also because I think it would of been torture for Faith to see all the presents and not be able to open them until Wednesday! Faith did really well and was completely spoiled by my family as usual and she had a great time at the party and fell asleep with the biggest smile on her cute little face.

On Sunday we stayed home and did a lot of cleaning up from the party and playing with Faiths new toys. 

Monday was another day in and I spent a lot of time with Faith as both my older girls were out with their friends. My sister brought Faith a Barbie mega blocks set that I had not seen before and it is really lovely as you get an instruction book to make the set into a beauty salon and then once it is made there are little dolls that have hair and clothes that can be changed so that you can play with the salon you have made. 
We made half of it today and that took us quite a while as Faith has a really short attention span so it can be hard work to keep her concentrating for so long. She did really well though and I was really proud of her as some of the bits we did she worked out where bits were suppose to go before I had even turned the page to see. We also spent time in the kitchen making a chocolate and banana cake which was requested by daddy as he knows that once I start my diet my baking will be reduced so as to help me loose weight as my will power is terrible and I can not bake and not have a taste! We also did Faiths home work together so that it is now out of the way ready for when she goes back to school and we spent lots of time having cuddles and generally chatting too so it was a lovely day.

On Tuesday we ventured out to a local park, baked peanut butter and banana muffins and popped into town to get cards and wrapping paper that I had forgot to buy last Thursday! 

Finally, Wednesday was Faith’s 6th birthday. We got up early so that she could open her presents. We got her a monster high dance mat, a bratz car, a bratz doll, a Disney princess activity book and a board game. 

After we had played some games with Faiths new toys we were off to the local swimming pool as Faith absolutely loves to go swimming. It was family float time as well which was great as Faith also really enjoys using all the inflatables that the pool provide for this session. Then it was off to McDonalds (Faiths favourite!) for some dinner. Once we were back home we spent the rest of the day playing with Faith and her new toys.

As always I am linking this post up to Kate’s groovy mums linky and I think that this week I have been pretty groovy! 
Kate had a lovely list of reasons written from her son as to why he thinks that she is a groovy mum and when I mentioned this to my girls Lauren and Chloe my oldest two wanted to write their own lists too so here they are.

My mum is groovy because;
1. She is pretty.
2. She doesn’t care what people think about her.
3. She lets us stay up late to watch TV.
4. She’s always there to listen to me.
5. She’s always wiling to sing with me.
6. She always tries her very best for us.
7. She always manages to make Christmas special despite struggles.
8. She has a cool sense of fashion.
9. She is such a good cook.
10. She is very creative.
From Lauren aged 16.

My mum is a groovy mum because;
1. All of the activities she does with us.
2. She is creative.
3. She is determined to make things better.
4. She is going to start her own business.
5. She is caring.
6. She is pretty.
7. She is a good cook.
8. She is good to have a laugh with/funny.
9. She doesn’t care what people think.
10. She always makes a good Christmas and loves being a family.
By Chloe aged 14.


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  1. says:
    Sounds like a very happy and groovy week indeed so this post was a pleasure to read. Love the lists but was not surprised they could write them as I am getting to know you better via your blog.
    Here's to another fab week!
  2. says:
    Thank you very much Kate :-)
  3. says:
    What a beautiful celebration she had! #PoCoLo
  4. says:
    Thank you :-)

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