My groovy update 06/03/14 – 12/03/14

After the highs of last week this week has been quite low and difficult but then I guess that is the way life goes, every week can not be fantastic so I just need to be able to learn to deal with the more flat weeks better and make the most of every great week that I have.

Faith has finally recovered from her chicken pox and is now back at school which is great as it was hard having her home for a week as I didn’t manage to get much done and all my to do lists went out the window and of course it is great that she is feeling better now, not that it seemed to affect her very much, bless her.

I did manage to join weight watchers which you can read all about on my wobbles Wednesday post from yesterday if you like, here.

Now as always I am linking up with Kate’s groovy mums and this week she has asked us all some questions about friendship and supporting people that are having a hard time, so here are my ideas.

1. How can you and I support mums when they are having extreme troubles but also have to keep on keeping on for the sake of their families?
If these mums are on-line then I guess that all we can do is listen to them and offer kind words and advice to hopefully give them the strength to carry on. Sometimes, life can feel very lonely and all you want is someone to talk to so that you do not feel so alone even if it is online rather then in person.

2. How do you like to be supported when it all seems too much and where do you go for that back-up?
I only really have the support of my husband which is great although sometimes it would be nice to have a different perspective. I find making friends very difficult and I actually wrote a post on this last week.
I think for myself I would like it if I knew that there was someone somewhere that cared and would be there to listen and offer advice when I needed it.

3. When you are struggling, do you take inspiration from a book, a heroine or something else?
When I am struggling I try to think about my children and how they need me to go on and be there for them. I want to be a good role model for them so I try and show them that it is ok to sometimes struggle in life as long as you do not give up, you will eventually find a way through it all and life will get better.

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  1. says:
    Good to see you tackling the questions. I too find it very tough to make new friends so rely on my OH and now he is away it feels quite strange. Hate flat weeks more than anything so hope next week is better.
    Going to spend some good time on your blog over next few days to get to know you better.
  2. says:
    Thanks Kate :-) It's nice to know that I am not alone in finding making new friends difficult.

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