April 2019 movie review
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My April 2019 Movie Review

Welcome to my monthly movie feature! I am a big movie fan and I have a monthly cinema card. This means I can visit my local cinema as many times a month as time will allow, so I thought that I would give my thoughts on the films which I have watched each month. However, this is just my opinion!

Shazam! April 2019 movie


A comedy superhero film with a difference. This superhero is actually a fourteen-year-old boy who changes into a fully grown man when he says the magic word! I really enjoyed this film, it was funny and it had an interesting storyline. It is a 12A which means that children that are younger than twelve can watch it with an adult, but I would be careful, as there were some scenes which would be scary for younger children. At the end of the movie, there is a rather strange cutscene after the credits, which could be indicating that there will be a follow-up film. 


Wonder Park April 2019 movieWonder Park

Wonder park is about an imagined theme park which actually comes to life. I normally like kids films as I am a big kid myself but unfortunately, I was not a fan of this film. I am sure that young children would enjoy it but I found it boring and ended up falling asleep in the cinema! 

Little April movie two women and a girlLittle

Little is a comedy which centres around the life of Jordan Sanders who after a difficult school experience, decided that no one would ever get the chance to be mean to her again, as she would get them first! Grown-up Jordan played by Regina Hall wakes up as her 13-year-old self (Marsai Martin) two days before an important pitch to save her company. With the help from her long-suffering assistant, April (Issa Rae) to help her find a way to get back to her grown-up self. 

This was really funny with an entertaining, enjoyable storyline. The film has underlying themes of being yourself and not letting others change who you are, which is important at a time when people are influenced by others more than ever before. Popcorn, five stars

Only three movies this month as time has been short. Have you seen any of these? Or are you planning too? I would love to hear what you think.

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