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Introducing Your Little Ones To Mother Nature

Starting a family is such a beautiful experience. Being a parent means that you get to introduce your little ones to so many amazing things and get to see their smiles grow as they learn each day. In today’s society, one of the most important skipped introductions in youngsters is to mother nature, as from an ever-smaller age children are grasping onto smartphones and spending an extraordinary amount of time indoors. If you want to ensure that your little ones don’t fall into the trap of endless gaming and no knowledge on how the natural world works. Now is the time to start making some changes and come up with a few ideas that will help you to get outside with your family. Luckily, there are a couple of foolproof concepts that are guaranteed to have a positive outcome, inspiring an interest like never before.

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Autumnal mother nature

Book An Adventure Holiday


There is a wealth of different adventure holidays available for you to book that suit all age groups and preferences, from camping to log cabins, hiking to rock climbing and much, much more. Figuring out the best trip for your family needn’t be too difficult. It is unlikely that you all have experienced the different activities on offer and each new experience is a great new learning opportunity that should be grasped with both hands. Ease your little ones in gently by keeping a few home comforts on your very first outing. Try to allow your holidays to evolve into something more rustic and rural as time progresses. There’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting around the campfire. Toasting marshmallows and watching the stars! So get out there and have some fun amongst the wonders of mother nature together. 

Scenic View Of Mountain, nature
Become one with nature

Get A Pet 


Whether you go for something small and simple, such as a fish, or an animal that requires a lot of care and attention, such as a horse. Getting a pet is a really great way to introduce your little ones to nature. Many kids do not get the chance to connect with animals. As a result, they develop a fear or dislike which could otherwise be avoided. Though cats and dogs are often the most common family pet, there are many different species that can be rescued from animal centers or adopted from loving homes! Ensure you have all of the right equipment for your new family member before they arrive, such as field shelters for outdoor animals as well as toys and food, so that you can show your little ones how to look after their new pet properly from the very first day. 

Dog, jacktzu, running in the dog park
One of our beautiful pet dogs – Prince

Other ideas to inspire you

There are lots of family activities that can get you outside connecting with nature. Why not plan in one a month if you are not used to getting outside. Many of them are very lowcost too which is great for your bank balance as well! Some of the things that we have enjoyed which may be good for your plans are;

  • Geocaching – a real-life treasure hunt using GPS
  • Crabbing is great fun, just be sure to put them back unharmed, once you have finished.
  • Visit a corn maze or maize maze for some great family fun!
  • Visit your local woods for nature trails and lots of space for building dens!
  • Birdwatching is great for kids, you can make them a spotting sheet to help keep them engaged.
  • Do a scavenger hunt – collecting leaves, acorns and other natural items.
  • Go to an organised activity by your local wildlife trust. Our local wildlife trust is brilliant and has lots of activities and events. They have one’s aimed at families, kids and just adults too. 
  • Even visiting a zoo or aquarium can be really educational and help kids to gain a love of the natural world around them!
Close-up of Tree Against Sky, heart, nature
Love mother nature!

Introduce your little ones to mother nature and make some great memories with these innovative ideas today!

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