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Monopoly Deal: Game Review

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Welcome to this edition of the regular blog feature Board Game Analysis.

This week we are looking at Monopoly Deal (affiliate link) which is a Hasbro card game for 2-5 players aged 8+

What’s in the box?

The box contains two packs of cards and an instructions sheet. 

Red die with white spots on a grey background
Box and contents of monopoly deal

Objective and gameplay

All of the cards are shuffled together and then each player receives five cards. The rest of the cards sit in the middle. The youngest player always starts, which Faith loved! On your turn you pick up two cards from the center pile and then you have three moves. You can put money in your bank, put a property card down in front of you or play an action card. 

Action cards are things like getting players to pay you rent on your property, getting to steal another player’s property or taking extra cards from the centre. You do not have to do three things in a turn but you can not do more than three. 

Once you are finished, you then need to make sure that you do not have more than seven cards in your hand. If you do you will have to discard the extra cards into the discard pile. If you owe rent but do not have enough money in your bank to pay, then you have to pay with any properties that you have in front of you. 

To win the game you need to be the first player to collect three different coloured property sets.

Girl sitting at table playing the card game monopoly deal
Faith enjoying a game of Monopoly deal!


I recently bought this game on sale at Amazon for just £4. I was not really expecting very much from it if I am honest. When we sat down to play for the first time and read out the rules it sounded really complicated. I thought that it was going to be really hard to pick up how to play. However, the first game we played we got a bit muddled with what we were doing but then learned from that, so the second game went as it should and we all understood what we were doing. 

After that, we were all hooked! We have been playing every night after dinner for the last ten days! Everyone loves it! We are now at the stage where a lot of strategy is coming in to play which is great fun! We all love it and would definitely recommend to others. It gets a big thumbs up from all of us. 

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