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Minecraft: Home school Topic

Our last topic before Christmas break is a Minecraft home school topic! Nice and fun for Faith but with some good hidden learning opportunities included! In this post, there will be activity ideas, useful books, and resources. The post finishes with an insight as to how we got on using this Minecraft home school topic. Please note that the post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here.

Minecraft home school activities

  • Taking part in build challenges on Minecraft (see below)
  • Baking Minecraft creeper cookies
  •  Minecraft PE sessions on YouTube like this one here.
  • Minecraft colour in Math grids
  • Art using free online tutorials – just google how to draw ___ whatever Minecraft character or item you require. 
  • Bake Minecraft cake pops
  • Learn about Biomes with Minecraft
  • Learn coding with Minecraft.
  • Write Minecraft themed stories and Acrostic poems.

Build challenges

Challenge your child to build different things. Examples could be;

  • Build a House with a working secret passageway.
  • Build a zoo with different sections of animals. 
  • Build a Christmas village with a gingerbread house and a sleigh.
  • Build a theme park with a carousel and a water slide. 
  • Build a playground with a sandpit, slide, and swings. 

Building things like these requires children to research how best to build them and then follow instructions to make the items. They can then have fun showing you what they have built and you could even get them to complete a worksheet detailing what they have done. 

Free download

Download my free Minecraft record sheets in my freebie library

Minecraft home school record sheet
Free to print off and use at home (c) mum on a mission for a better life 2020

If you have not been to my freebie library before you will need a password. You can get this by signing up for my free newsletter and you will be emailed the password immediately. You are of course free to unsubscribe at any time. 

Recommended books


Other useful resources


How we got on!

Faith is loving this topic! I think it has been her most favourite of all of the topics we have done since we started home schooling back in February 2019! Even though she is a seasoned Minecrafter, she has still needed to research some of the build challenges and has really enjoyed learning how to build new things. Faith also loved making the cake pops, something she has wanted to do for a long time! 

I brought the Minecraft Math book which is the first book in the recommended books section. It said that it was for ages 8-12 years but as Faith is lower ability in Maths I thought that we could give it a go. Faith is currently 12. It was thinner than I thought it would be but then it is only a few pounds. However, it has been the most engaged Faith has ever been in Math so that makes it worth its weight in gold! 

It has been a really enjoyable topic and a great way to round off the years learning. Once we have finished this topic it is Christmas break time and I think after the year of 2020 we can all do with a nice break!

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